Is it strange to buy luxury cars on a second-hand car website?

Strange to buy a luxury car on a second-hand car website! Maybe not, let us see.

When it comes to buying luxury cars, the high price tags make owning a luxury car accessible to only a select group of customers. That is where used cars come into the picture and gives access to a broader group of buyers. With the option of second-hand car websites, owning a luxury car is simpler and more affordable than ever. Here are the pros and cons of buying luxury cars from second-hand cars websites.


  1. Price

Price is, of course, the main benefit of buying second-hand cars. Luxury cars depreciate quickly in the first few years. Buying a second-hand luxury car puts you at an advantage that the value will not decline rapidly during your ownership. Also, there is no need to negotiate on the price when buying online as most of the online used car dealers like CARS24 offer cars at the best price arrived by a transparent online bidding process.

  • Quality

Certified pre-owned luxury car dealers offer detailed inspection reports to assure you about the condition of the car. The cars listed on the websites of certified pre-owned dealers pass through rigorous multipoint inspection and tend to run better than those brought from non-certified dealers.

  • Wide range of choices

When you buy second-hand cars from websites, you get a wide selection of pre-owned luxury cars not limited to a particular brand. You also get more advanced safety features without any need for upgrading the luxury car.


  1. Little to no warranty coverage

While buying a used car, the warranty period of the luxury car may have been availed fully or partially by the previous owner. That means, if anything goes wrong with the car you will have to pay for it. However, when you buy a second-hand luxury car from websites like CARS24, customers get a comprehensive 6-month warranty freeing you from any worries of unforeseen repair and maintenance costs.

  • Inability to physically inspect the car

One of the cons of buying luxury cars from second-hand websites is the inability to inspect the car you have selected. Some online sellers provide photos and videos of each vehicle but an up-close view becomes essential while buying luxury cars. CARS24 provides a 360-degree online car viewer that allows you to check the cars from every angle. Also, you can test-drive the car for a week from the time of delivery of the car and return it if not satisfied.

  • High-interest rates

Financing choices may be limited when you buy second-hand cars from websites. Some dealers deal with a single lender that charges high interest rates and can make it difficult to own your dream car. But when you buy from websites like CARS24, you can get a good deal. CARS24 provides you with low‑interest and flexible EMIs. It also helps facilitate instant approval and minimal documentation for a quick and hassle-free process.

buy luxury cars on a second-hand car

It is not strange to buy luxury cars on a second-hand car website considering the above pros and cons. Wait no more and go ahead and choose your used luxury car from a reliable second-hand car website like CARS24 for a hassle-free experience.

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