How BYJU’S Became the World’s Most-valued EdTech Company?

BYJU’S, India’s homegrown EdTech gargantuan is now the most-valued EdTech Company in the world thanks to a recent funding of $540 million. But is that the only reason why this Bangalore-based startup become the world’s most-valued EdTech company? Apparently not.

In a recent interview with BYJU’S founder and CEO shared his insights about his company’s achievement. 

Here are a few reasons given by Byju Raveendran himself.

Mission Driven Top Management

According to Byju Raveendran, the most important reason why his company is now the most-valued EdTech in the world is because of its mission driven top management. As a validation to this statement, Byju Raveendran says that all the members, the core team if you may, who were present during the inception of BYJU’S in 2011 are still in the company.

Money Matters

Byju Raveendran believes that money doesn’t matter to him personally. However, he agrees that money makes all the difference to the company. He says that the funds help him to aspire bigger and do bigger things as a company. And by bigger things he means reaching out to more people across the globe.

Compatible Products

The biggest challenge in the EdTech industry is to make content that match the curriculum. Byju Raveendran says that his company builds content in a modular format so that it is compatible across different boards of educations/schools. BYJU’S also provides its learning content in various languages other than English.

Global Aspirations

Byju Raveendran’s biggest aspiration is to become a global brand in kids’ learning segment. In his own words, he wants BYJU’S to stand for education, like what Disney is to kids’ entertainment.

EdTech Top Management

The BYJU’S Difference

With so many EdTech companies in the Indian EdTech sector alone, why is BYJU’S currently the only leading Indian EdTech in the global frontier? Byju Raveendran’s answer is simple. He says that their motto is and will always be “Making Kids fall in love with learning”. In addition, he says that BYJU’S was the first company to create a scalable EdTech model in India. BYJU’S is offering courses in the form of a product that is engaging.

Today there are about 30 million free users of BYJU’S and there are around 2 million annual paid subscriptions. BYJU’S has a unique set of global investors who have invested in the company. Byju Raveendran’s dream is to become the company that changes the way students learn.

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