Cheapest cars in Amritsar – Best Models, Features, Specs and More

With the growing middle-class in India, cars are no longer a status symbol but an everyday necessity. Pre-owned car is an option most people choose because of the value-for-money proposition.

As buying used cars can be overwhelming for prospective customers, we have compiled this selection of the best used cars within 5-6 lakhs to choose from in Amritsar.

1. Hyundai i10 Grand Asta

Hyundai launched its hatchback-segment competitor with the i10 back in 2004, and offered some of the segment-best features at the time. Almost a decade later, it brought us the i10 Grand Asta in the petrol and diesel variants, which is undoubtedly one of the cheapest cars in Amritsar. The figures read:

Engine displacement: 1.2 L (VTVT) / 1.1 L (CRDi)

Max Power: 81 bhp @6000 rpm / 70 bhp @4000 rpm

Torque: 114 nm @4000 rpm / 160 nm @1500 rpm

Mileage: 18.9 kmpl / 24 kmpl

2. Honda Jazz

The Jazz marries Honda’s reliability with i-VTEC engines and leads the list with its impressive power figures. It offers an option between 5-speed manual and a 7-speed CVT gearbox for the top model and for the sport enthusiast, it boasts paddle shifters! Despite being one of the cheapest cars, here’s what is under the hood:

Engine displacement: 1.2 L i-VTEC

Max Power: 89 bhp @6000 rpm

Torque: 110 nm @4800 rpm

Mileage: 16.6 kmpl (Manual) / 17.1 kmpl (CVT)

3. Renault Duster Diesel

The 2013 iteration of the car introduced a well-handling, stylish and comfortable version of the SUV to the Indian market. It has a 5/ 6-speed gearbox, sends power to all wheels and reads a good economy too, making it one of our most-preferred cheapest cars.

Engine displacement: 1.5 L

Max Power: 85 bhp @3750 rpm

Torque: 200 nm @1900 rpm

Mileage: 20.4 kmpl

4. Maruti Suzuki Dzire

Maruti Suzuki is a veteran of the Indian market and has maintained steady demand across many models over the years. The Dzire diesel especially stands out by being a pocket-friendly vehicle that boasts of safety features like parking sensors, hill hold assist, child-seat anchors and many more. Here are the power figures:

Engine displacement: 1.3 L

Max Power: 74 bhp @4000 rpm

Torque: 190 nm @2000 rpm

Mileage: 28 kmpl

5. Maruti Suzuki Wagon R

The last contender on our list of cheapest cars is also another Maruti Suzuki offering, the Wagon R. It boasts of multiple years of reliable service on Indian roads, is extremely popular in the used cars market, and its compact dimensions makes it an easy winner that can filter through heavy city traffic. Further specifications read:

Engine displacement: 1 L

Max Power: 67 bhp @6200 rpm

Torque: 90 nm @3500 rpm

Mileage: 20 kmpl


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