BYJU’S Tablet For Free: Details, Features & Benefits

Wondering how to encourage your children to study and have fun while learning? Say hello to BYJU’S tablet.

About BYJU’S

BYJU’S, India’s #1 multinational educational technology company, aims to make education more accessible for students of all ages.  BYJU’S has a user base of more than 115 million students. The company has gained the trust of students and parents because of the quality of study material and the guidance they provide. In order to help students, learn more efficiently, BYJU’S has collaborated with companies like Lenovo and Samsung to provide tablets that are preloaded with exclusive study resources.

Features of BYJU’S Tablet Program

Access to Supplemental Study Material: The courses offered by BYJU’S are quite different from those offered by its competitors. The tablet program is designed such that it allows students to attain conceptual clarity through visualization. Animations, strong visuals and storytelling techniques are used to teach topics to students and help them understand basic and complex concepts with ease.

State-of-the-art Learning Method: The learning program is personalized according to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. This allows students to strengthen their weaker points, and capitalize on their strengths. Also, every individual student receives undivided attention from the mentors; this allows them to clear their doubts, and take their conceptual understanding and confidence to the next level.

Courses Offered by BYJU’S

LKG – Class 3: BYJU’S offers Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn Program for young learners studying in LKG-3rd standard. This program is specially crafted for young minds in order to engage their minds, spark curiosity and allow them to have fun whilst learning.

Class 4-10: In addition to the unique two-teacher model, courses for students studying in Class 4‑10 have top-notch learning material.  BYJU’S tablet facilitates students to study and learn concepts at the time of their choice in the comfort of their homes.

JEE/NEET: To provide the best offline and online learning experience to students, BYJU’S has collaborated with Aakash Institute. Aakash provides comprehensive learning programs for both JEE and NEET aspirants where students can either opt for classroom or online programs based on their convenience.

IAS: In order to help UPSC aspirants achieve their dreams of becoming IAS officers, BYJU’s provides a well-researched and designed course for IAS.  This is taught by the best IAS faculty from the country.

BYJU’S tablet also makes it easier for students to access previous years question papers, mock tests and other resources in addition to live classes and lectures. This allows students to learn and retain knowledge.

Can You Get BYJU’S Tablet for Free?

No, but it is possible to get several sample papers, previous year questions papers and other study material for free based on the course you choose. The price of the tablet varies based on the course and tablet model specifications. The program comes with a 15-day trial period after which the subscription charges are applicable.


BYJU’S intends to make quality education available to every student.  BYJU’s has collaborated with tech companies like Lenovo and Samsung to create customized-learning kits consisting of a tablet preloaded with learning resources. To learn more details about the BYJU’S tablet, its prices and other course details, visit BYJU’S.


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