Cheapest Cars under 5 lakhs in Ajmer – Overview, Features, Details & Best Prices

Are you looking for a car but don’t have the budget for a new model?

You are in luck because we have listed some of the cheapest cars in Ajmer to help you search for the car best suited to your needs.

Gone are those days when a car used to be a status symbol. Owning a vehicle has become a necessity for every household. To help you make the best decision, we have picked 5 highly rated cars that you can buy for less than 5 lac rupees.

1. Maruti Alto K10

Alto K10 is one of the most budget-friendly fuel-efficient cars in the entry-level hatchback segment. With the Alto K10, Maruti Suzuki refurbished the 0.8 engine of the Alto 800 to a 1.0-liter engine.

Nuclear families looking for the cheapest cars may look no further than the K10. Its low maintenance and excellent mileage make this car the perfect choice for the middle class.

K10’s specs:

Engine: 998

Torque/Max Power: 90nm@3500rpm

Mileage: 24.07 km/pl

2. Renault Kwid

This one is for the enthusiasts of the premium SUV look. At first glance, the Renault Kwid looks no different than a high-end exclusive car. However, it is actually one of the cheapest cars in today’s pre-owned car market.

The Kwid comes packs an optimized cabin with additional safety features making your driving experience safer than ever.

Let’s see what’s under the hood:

Engine: 999cc

Torque/Max Power: 91nm@4250rpm

Mileage: 22.0 km/pl

3. Maruti Swift

Next on our list is a car whose reputation precedes itself. Swift is the second best-selling car in the Indian market with one of the lowest maintenance costs, high fuel efficiency, and sturdy built quality.

Being one of the cheapest cars, it’s especially popular among the younger population for its sporty built, powerful engine options. Let’s check Swift’s spec sheet:

Engine: 1197cc

Torque/Max Power: 113nm@4400rpm

Mileage: 23.76 km/pl

4. Honda Accord 2.4 MT

The next car on our list is regarded as one of the most reliable mid-size cars in India. For 15 years straight, the Honda Accord has been one of the top-selling family-sized cars in India.

A brand new Honda Accord can be pretty expensive. However, if you go to CARS24 right now and check the Honda Accord, a pre-owned Accord is listed as one of the cheapest cars under 5 lac rupees. It’s a steal!

Honda Accord’s specs:

Engine: 1993 cc

Torque/Max Power: 175nm@4000

Mileage: 23.1 km/pl

5. Maruti Wagon R

This list would be incomplete without the highest-selling car in India. The Wagon R.’s popularity in India has been unchallenged over the years. It’s a family-sized four-wheeler providing the user ample headroom, legroom, and boot space. It comes in 2 petrol engine variants.

Let’s look at some specs:

Engine: 1197cc

Torque/Max Power: 88.50nm@6000rpm

Mileage: 24.43 km/pl


CARS24 is the number one buying-selling platform for pre-owned cars in India. Its mission is to make buying vehicles easy and affordable. Thanks to CARS24 Ajmer, the middle class can now become car-owners without encountering fraudulent local dealerships.

So, what are you waiting for? Click here to find the cheapest cars under 5 lakhs in Ajmer.

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