Should I buy a new car or a preowned car as a learner?

Learners need the right pair of wheels to hone their driving skills and for sharing the road responsibly. Purchasing a new car or a used car is a stressful decision for learners.

To solve your dilemma of whether you should buy a new car or settle for a preowned car, given below are some reasons why a used car will be more beneficial than a brand-new car.

  • Affordable

Preowned cars are much more affordable than new cars. Preowned car dealers offer good financing options with low-interest rates and flexible EMIs. A new car requires significant investment and may be financially unviable for many learners. Even if you opt for car loans for buying a new car, the heavy down payment may not suit your budget.

  • Risk of scratches and dents

As a learner, you are in the process of fine-tuning your driving skills which means getting a scratch or dent is a possibility. For this reason, it will be better to drive a used car rather than putting your new car under such abuse. As you have invested less money in a pre-owned car any scratches and dents will not affect you much. But any scratches and dents on a new car can result in faster depreciation affecting its resale value.

  • Risk of mechanical problems

Learners may struggle a bit in handling the car and might be too hard on the brakes while practicing acceleration and shifting of gears. These practices can lead to mechanical problems in your new car and decrease the quality of your ride in the long run. For this reason, buying a second-hand car can be beneficial for those who are new to driving.

  • Certification and warranty

Buying from a certified preowned car dealer means you are getting a thoroughly inspected and reliable car which may come with a warranty as well. Most preowned car dealers provide extended warranty on the second-hand car to save you from unseen, future expenses so that you drive your car confidently. The warranty feature makes used cars at par with brand-new cars.

  • Lower insurance rates

High insurance rates on new cars can be a detrimental factor for learners. As preowned cars have gone through a major part of depreciation, the car value and the corresponding insurance rates are lower. Learners may save money by buying and insuring a used car instead of a new one.

  • Wide range of choices

Beginners and young drivers have a wide range of choices for used cars within the same budget. Many certified dealers also allow you to take a test drive and return the car within a specified time if not satisfied. However, this is not so when you buy a new car.  You cannot return the car once you own it.

preowned car as a learner

For new drivers, preowned cars are undoubtedly the best choice. It is best to buy a used car from a certified preowned car dealer that offers you an affordable car good enough for driving miles helping you improve your driving skills.

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