How much does BYJU’S GATE cost? Best 2022-23 GATE Preparation Courses Fees, Benefits & Features

BYJU’S GATE preparation has helped many students crack the GATE exam, as it provides students with tools and resources that can help them bolster their preparations. Let us find out how much does BYJU’S GATE cost in this article!

The GATE Examinations in a Nutshell

The GATE exam is one of the toughest and most competitive exams for engineering students in India. It is an abbreviated form of the General Aptitude Test in Engineering and allows students to access high-profile job opportunities in companies like SAIL, HPCL, BHEL, among many others. Successful GATE aspirants also find their way into PSUs, which sets them upon a path leading to successful careers. However, only a few thousand students succeed out of about a million that appear for the exam every year. What this implies, is that clearing the GATE exam requires a lot of effort, planning, and dedication.

BYJU’S GATE preparation – Overview, Features and Costs

BYJU’s GATE preparation course allows you to access live classes, which are very comprehensive. Bolstered with the two-teacher model followed by BYJU’S, this course allows students to grasp concepts effectively. BYJU’S GATE cost is truly justified by the assistance offered to the student, by the platform.

Online lectures, when combined with well-produced videos about various concepts, ensure that the students are well equipped to clear doubts that they might encounter throughout the preparation. The pre-recorded lectures and study material provided by BYJU’S allows students to gain in-depth technical knowledge regarding their engineering substances while preparing to skilfully tackle aptitude questions.

Let’s also take a look at the costs involved while opting for their GATE courses:

  • The cost for BYJU’s Exam Prep Gate 2023 is Rs. 50,000 for Computer Science students, while it stands at Rs 65,000 for the exam prep of 2024.
  • However, BYJU’S GATE cost stands around Rs. 35,000 for Computer Science students for the year 2023.

The cost is the same for all Engineering branches and is available in two languages- English and Hindi. These costs are well justified by the tools and resources made available for students that make it possible for them to gain in-depth knowledge. 

BYJU’S GATE courses that are available free can get you started with the preparation and can provide you with an edge over other GATE aspirants. However, it is not as resourceful as the premium courses.

If you opt to get Tablets, which have the capacity of enhancing your preparations, you will have to pay Rs. 13,000 for a Lenovo 10 inch tablet, Rs. 10,000 for the 8-inch version of the Lenovo 4 inch tab in addition to the BYJU’S GATE cost. If you want to get the 4G Samsung 10-inch tab, you will have to pay an extra Rs. 16,000.


BYJU’s, the #1 Ed-Tech company in India is widely trusted by millions of students as their courses include top-of-the-line study material and other resources. You should go for these courses if you want to crack the GATE exam, and are looking for a platform that can give you an extra edge over other GATE aspirants, click here to know how!

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