With yet another breath-taking plot, Pankaj Tripathi starrer “Kaagaz” continues to receive overwhelming response post-release. Inspired by the real-life events of a farmer turned activist named Lal Bihari, the film is a true success story of a common Indian man.

Bharat Lal, a bandmaster from Azamgarh, Uttar Pradesh found himself dead on government documents while applying for a loan from a bank. Shattered by the mischievous act of his family members, Bharat declares war against the Govt. and it took him nearly 19 years to regain his existence in records.

What would you do if one day you lose your identity?

Based on this simple question, the uncommon journey of Bharat Lal ‘Mritak’ starts off with his constant struggle to prove himself alive, followed by him getting teased by the villagers, Advocate Sadhoram (Satish Kaushik) trying his best to get the truth out, and ended up with him contesting the election against Rajiv Gandhi in 1989. The film showcased different events of his life. He even started his own organization called Uttar Pradesh Association of Dead People to help people like him.

“Kaagaz is about real India!”

Satish Kaushik
Kaagaz Movie

The story takes you to the old 70’s aura of village life of India with its simplest visual treat and realistic description. The story tells of bribed officials and corrupt government in a blend of tragedy and humor. The dialogues are exceptional, music to the ears. This film presents the message to ‘Never Give Up’ in any situation.

When it is Pankaj Tripathi, you can’t take off your eyes from the screen. He can create magic alone with his fabulous acting. Monal Gajjar did a great job and she has to be applauded for her role as Bharat’s wife. She is an actress that you should watch out for her; a future star of Indian cinema. Other actors – Satish Kaushik, Amar Upadhyay, etc., also did a great job making the film a delight to watch.

The tragic scene of the death of Pitamah (dacoit) who was in a similar situation like Bharat portrays the need for physical existence in the society, as well as, in the government records.

KAAGAZ A Family Movie

Salman Khan’s poetry on the title is the cherry on the cake, thanks to Aseem Ahmed Abbasi for writing such a beautiful piece of poetry that directly lands in the hearts of the viewers. The initial title was Mritak, later replaced by the name Kaagaz (paper) which seemed more relevant to the film. 

Although the item numbers felt a little odd in the plot, the other songs added that spark. The background music could have been more subtle or less interruptive. Ignoring these little negatives, this film is definitely WORTH A WATCH!

This IMDb 7.4 rated film is currently streaming on ZEE5 since 7th January 2021 and in some theatres in Uttar Pradesh.

This film is directed by Satish Kaushik and produced by Salman Khan Films and Satish Kaushik Entertainment Production. 

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