In the Heart of the Western Ghats (Exploring Sirsi’s Rich Tapestry)

Things To See

You can explore the beautiful forests surrounding Sirsi, look at the amazing carvings of the Marikamba temple, and take part in the colourful festivities of Sirsi Marikamba Jatre in this city where time seems to move slowly.

Art & Culture

In Sirsi, there is a lively legacy of Yakshagana, a classical dance theatre from Karnataka. Late at night, characters dressed in bright costumes and traditional makeup play mythological characters to the beats of chande (drums) accompanied by bhagavathige (singing and narration of stories from Mahabharatha and Ramayana, etc.). Yakshagana, also called Aataā in Konkani, Tulu, and Kannada, is the song of the Yaksha, a traditional Indian tribe, that symbolizes cultural continuity.

Sirsi hosts a unique carnival during Holi called “Bedara Vesha.” This is a traditional dance that is performed at night five days before the festival day. The town holds the festival every other year, and on each of the five days, a considerable number of people from across India come to attend.

The Special Sirsi Arecanut

This area grows a lot of arecanuts. The speciality of the arecanut grown in Sirsi is its round, flattened coin shape, specific texture, size, taste, etc. It weighs 7.5 g dry on average and has an average thickness of 16 mm. This special arecanut has been given a GI tag.

Some Local Delicacies

A thin dosa prepared with fresh sugarcane juice is one of the savoury and sweet dishes of Sirsi and is called Todadevu. Instead of using sugar as a sweetener, jaggery is used in many local dishes in Sirsi.

Kadubu: Jackfruit pulp and jaggery are the primary components. Together with other ingredients, the batter is placed in a container and steam-cooked. This is a traditional dish that is served hot with ghee.

If you like, you may pour the batter onto turmeric or banana leaves; to give that delicious flavour and aroma, and a lovely culinary experience by greatly enhancing the taste.

Made from colocasia leaves, karakali is a hot chutney.

Kesari is a treat made with ghee, saffron, and Sannakki, small-grain fragrant rice. It is typically used during wedding ceremonies.

A dessert made with jaggery and ginger paste is called Shunti Kaddi. The Sirsi Jathre is when it is most frequently served.

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