What is all this Hype about CARS24 Mega Refurbishment Labs?

CARS24, India’s leading e-commerce platform for pre-owned cars, is all set to propel change in the pre-owned car ecosystem and is setting benchmarks for high-quality used cars.

It is launching its own refurbishment centers called “Mega Refurbishment Labs” (MRLs)  with best-in-class systems, processes, and technology to deliver quality cars that, together with their warranty and customer-friendly return policies, will ensure an outstanding customer experience.

The (MRLs) would come across 35 acres of land in top metro cities with the aim of providing buyers with access to high-quality used cars coupled with a warranty through a trusted channel.

CARS24 Mega Refurbishment Labs

The pre-owned car ecosystem has always been plagued by inefficiencies due to the inherent information asymmetry in the vertical. CARS24 is building a gold standard for the quality of used cars in India- the convergence of disruptive technology-driven state‑of‑the-art facilities and a nationwide network of procurement centers will transform the pre-owned auto industry and thus, fill the standardization and benchmarking gap prevalent in the industry.

Used car buyers will always compare a used car to a new car and hence CARS24 found a need to create their owned capacities for used car refurbishment implemented across various brands of cars. This requires a very high level of standardization on all car refurbishment work which is possible through the refurbishment facilities.

Founded in 2015, CARS24 exists to transform the way consumers buy and sell cars by leveraging technology at every leg of the consumer journey to solve genuine pain points and deliver a seamless experience. It allows customers to shop from an exhaustive inventory of cars on the platform, finance, then select doorstep delivery with additional features of a 6-12 months warranty and no questions asked return policy.

CARS24 vehicles are inspected, reconditioned, and photographed in 360-degrees at the refurbishment centers, so customers get a trustworthy, reliable, and transparent buying experience along with quality cars.

To sell your used car, any model and any make, visit CARS24

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