CARS24 12-Month Warranty Explained

CARS24 offers a complimentary 12-month comprehensive warranty for every car that isn’t already covered by the manufacturer’s warranty. Unfortunately, as cars get old, components are more likely to fail and once the warranties expire on your car, you may be exposed to not only the cost to replace faulty parts but also labor costs. CARS24 cover can help you protect yourself from these unforeseen costs.

Every car purchased on CARS24 comes with a complimentary service warranty for 12 months to make sure you don’t spend a penny on repairs of key components covered by their warranty post‑purchase. The warranty covers vital components of your car based on a comprehensive inspection report.

The Warranty Booklet will be delivered at the time of delivery. It will have detailed steps and the helpline numbers of the authorized service centers, who will assist you through the process. The warranty is auto-activated once the car is delivered commencing from the date of vehicle registration.

CARS24 12-Month Warranty

The warranty comes completely free of cost with every vehicle purchased on the platform.

 For the warranty to continue being valid, the buyer must ensure –

  • Any car servicing is done through authorized service centers (location and contact details provided in the warranty booklet)
  • Only genuine parts are used for replacements during service and repairs
  • The manufacturer-recommended service schedule is followed.
  • All service or repair receipts are kept handy for verification.

CARS24 is transforming the way used cars are bought in India! You can now buy a used car completely Online and get it home delivered. Also, we offer a 12-month warranty.

To sell your used car, any model and any make, visit CARS24

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