Protect Content Against Piracy

What is Piracy?

In a nutshell, piracy is defined as the illicit use or reproduction of someone else’s work. This could be computer programs, books, music, and films. Cheap bandwidth, technological innovation, and affordable devices are some of the key factors responsible for rampant piracy. In short, watching and sharing content without the permission of the content creator is no different from any other theft. Whether you copied the copyrighted material from a friend, downloaded it from a legit-looking website, or purchased it from a person selling the copied copies – that still equals stealing.

As a result of piracy, both content producers and customers likewise are placed at a disadvantageous position. Additionally, gullible customers are exposed to potential security threats while accessing pirated content.

Sadly, content creators are robbed of their legitimate rights to earn from the ingenuity and labor that they invest into creating awesome content that everyone enjoys.

Losses Incurred by Piracy

Currently, the losses suffered by the Music and Entertainment (M&E) industry in India alone, as a result of piracy, totals to an annual amount of US$4 billion. The breakdown of segments and their corresponding losses are depicted in the below table:

Comparing the losses sector wise between the official and pirated market:

Am I at Risk now?

Are you a movie production house, a distributor, an OTT platform, a streaming service, an EdTech, or a television company afraid of losing revenues to piracy? Then the answer is, yes, unfortunately you are at risk.

Can I Protect My Works Against Piracy?

Aiplex, a proud Indian company, is an expert in the field of Anti-Piracy. Started in Bangalore by Mr. Girish Kumar, Aiplex has been protecting and collaborating with over 200+ content companies over a span of 12 years. In short, Aiplex scours the world wide web, eliminates unlicensed and/or breached content across all imaginable digital platforms that include but are not limited to: Social media (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.), mobile applications, marketplaces, fake websites, and other OTT platforms.

Rather than a business, Aiplex is committed to safeguarding jobs and a crucial industry from the unfortunate effects of piracy. Aiplex strongly believes that the key to overcoming piracy threats anywhere in the world lies in a combination of education, enforcement, and legislation.  This can only be achieved if there is a collaboration between content owners, the enforcement agencies and antipiracy companies like AiPlex. Although each strategy has significant individual strengths, Aiplex dedicates its resources to combine these strategies optimally to disrupt the piracy ecosystem; essentially their revenue streams.

AiPlex is trusted by prominent companies such as Yash Raj Films, Red Chillies, Viacom, Dharma Productions, T-Series, Eros. Get in touch with the professionals at AiPlex at and protect your content while maximizing your revenues.

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