Top 5 Reasons to Avoid Online Pirated Content

Piracy has been ingrained in the digital world ever since it was recognized as a potential medium for consuming content- if not before. Some viewers cling to torrent and other illegal websites to access content for free.

But, ever wondered why people turn towards piracy platforms rather than paid platforms? The intention is not always to download a music file, movie, or TV series for free. Sometimes it is due to expensive OTT subscription charges, lack of affordability, or unavailability of the content in a country/region.

Mint reported that many countries saw a spike in film/TV shows piracy following the stay‑at‑home culture post Covid-19 pandemic. India saw a major spike of 62% in film piracy in 2020.

Regardless of the intention, unauthorized use of any copyrighted content is illegal and a punishable act.

avoid online pirated content.

Here, we will discuss the top 5 reasons to avoid online pirated content.

  1. High Risk:

Every time you resort to a free streaming platform with movies/TV shows, you become exposed to viruses and malwares that can take control of your devices. These malwares can help hackers freeze your PC/mobile device until you pay a hefty ransom, or they can track your device/location details to invade your privacy.

  1. Unreliable:

Pirated websites are always under the risk of being banned/shut down by Governing bodies or Copyright owners. In the latter half of 2020, as reported by MUSO, the traffic to pirated websites saw a sharp decline with a change in Google’s algorithm. Many platforms were also taken down and banned in certain countries. For instance, under Copyright Act 1957 and IT Act 2020, India blocked many pirated websites such as and others.

How do these unreliable websites affect you? You not only lose your streaming data once they are banned, but also make your device vulnerable to viruses and spyware as you would have already shared your data.

  1. Helping Criminals:

If you’re buying films/shows from a shady website that promises cheap content with unlimited free streaming, you should know better, because you are dealing with criminals. These criminals operate under the radar of the law and not just make money from streaming copyrighted content, but they also steal your data.

  1. Discouraging Creativity:

With a plethora of digital and OTT platforms streaming films, music, and TV series, the demand for high quality content is on the rise. Content creators are striving to produce the highest-quality content for their consumers. But anything of high quality comes with higher production cost. When you are unwilling to purchase a ticket or subscribe to a licensed platform, you are discouraging their hard work and creativity.

  1. Killing Jobs:

The entertainment industry has many job roles like technicians, caterers, drivers, musicians, and others apart from movie stars. By viewing the counterfeited content via illegal websites, you kill many such jobs. Mint reported that the Indian Media and Entertainment Industry loses $2.8 billion in revenue annually due to piracy. We can curb this by becoming responsible and turn to legal websites for consuming content.

Wrapping Up

Anti-piracy agencies such as AiPlex, have come up with online anti-piracy and brand protection solutions to content owners across India and the globe. Today, AiPlex provides services to almost 90% of Bollywood theatrical releases. They partner with content creators to identify and bring down piracy sites with the help of technology and legal enforcement.

You too can help diminish the copyright infringement culture by spreading cautiousness, and awareness about the dangers of piracy.

Don’t Support Piracy. Piracy is a Crime

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