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Raj needs a loan to start a new business. However, he does not have his own house to offer as collateral should he borrow from a bank. He lives with his parents, but he does not think it fair to offer their house in exchange for his personal loan. What if he is unable to repay the loan? His parents would be left homeless. When Raj was looking around for alternatives, his friend informed him of a local moneylender who would be able to loan him his required amount immediately. The only catch? That the interest rate was significantly higher than what he had seen in banks. Raj decided to take the plunge and took out a loan with this moneylender. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic hit, and Raj’s venture plummeted, making him lose all his money. He was unable to repay his loan, and it was at this point that Raj understood why people referred to moneylenders as “loan sharks” …

Does this scenario seem familiar? If Raj had approached StashFin, he would have been informed about the Unsecured Loans scheme – Where all that is needed for a successful moneylending experience is his signature! Yes, it really is that simple! Under this scheme, borrowers need not pledge their assets. All they need to show us is their credit history and current income.

Unsecured Loan

How to get a loan without collateral?

There are mainly three types of unsecured loans: Credit cards, Student Loans, and Personal loans.

Since an individual does not require pledging any collateral while applying, there is no security in these loans. This means that if the borrower decides not to pay the dues, the lender cannot take possession of their assets. Banks are not involved with these loan agreements, and they cannot seize any assets in case of any defaults. So, do not worry about losing your beloved family home should you be unable to repay your loans.

Unsecured loans are easily available online through various sites and applications. Just go to your phone or laptop, and in a couple of steps, you will have your loan! Fast and safe, with zero hassle. We provide loans of up to ₹5 Lakh at a minimal interest rate.

Am I eligible to avail this?

Are you above the age of 18 and do you earn an average of ₹15,000? In short, are you a financially stable adult? If so, you are qualified to apply for StashFin’s Unsecured Loans!

What are the features and benefits of StashFin’s Unsecured Loans? 

Firstly, we require minimum documentation from you. Do you have your Aadhaar card and salary slips? That is all we ask of you. Our aim is to keep this process as simple and straightforward as possible. Also, our interest rates are extremely low. You do not have to skim through various websites for the lowest EMI rates anymore. And guess what, you not only gain money for your business or personal use, but you also get rewards in the form of credit purchases through StashFin! Yes, you read that right, you can purchase items with us as well! Lastly, StashFin is extremely safe to use. The encrypted payment gateways ensure that none of your personal information is leaked, and the system is built so that it never malfunctions while you are availing your Unsecured Loans.

You do not have to worry anymore while looking for instant loans. StashFin has got you covered in every way regarding the loan hassles you face.

Get in touch with us and learn about how you can get a StashFin unsecured loan today!

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