CARS24: Best – Used Car Advertising You’ve Ever Seen

Generally, buying or selling pre-used vehicles is not an easy task. At times buyers might have to face shady third parties, pesky tele-callers, greedy brokers, etc., which is inevitable. But CARS24 – the no. 1 used car platform in India has made the process of buying and selling used cars, efficient, smart, and hassle-free by leveraging machine learning, data science, and the Internet of things. With CARS24, buyers can cut through the noise and get the best deal on their used cars.

Nonetheless, it is not every day that one comes across a brand advertisement that deeply connects with their emotions. But, CARS24 has swept millions off their feet with its recent ad campaigns. So, let’s check out some of the best used-car advertisements by CARS24 that has made the viewers go “wow”:

“Dates Or Best Rates” Short Film By Mind Your Language! Productions

The CARS24 Tamil short film “Dates or Best Rates” is emotional marketing at its finest. It shows how buyers/sellers exhaust themselves in finding the best deals offline. The ad campaign showcases a cyclist with a megaphone who goes about convincing car owners to sell their cars for dates, symbolizing the extremely low prices they receive.

Why? Back in the day, Tamilians often used to trade metal scrap parts for dates. This was brilliantly used to connect with the emotions of the target audience. The gist of the film is that “With CARS24, you will never face a loss, feel cheated on, or get pranked.”

CAR BECHO BEST PRICE MEIN Campaign Ft. Boman Irani, Nawazuddin Siddiqui & Mandira Bedi

Most used car trades lack one key-value i.e., transparency. CARS24 sheds light on how important it is to know what you’re buying before you seal the deal. “Car Bechni ho, Toh CARS24” which is their brand positioning was effectively communicated through emotional advertising.

The advertisements, featuring Boman Irani, Nawazuddin, and Mandira Bedi described how CARS24 makes the car-selling process hassle-free through proper inspection. Sellers don’t have to deal with annoying calls from bargain hunters because the platform offers the best price and connects you with genuine used car buyers.

CARS24 – Mukherjee and Gupta’s #ByeByeDrive Campaign

In 2019, CARS24 had most people, including Tennis champion Leander Paes, sentimental over their #byebyedrive campaign. Through this ad, CARS24 took an emotional approach to portray the love and relationship that owners share with their cars. The audience found the father-son monologue quite relatable and emotional, and the video currently sits at over 5,000,000 real-time views on YouTube.

Summing It Up — Why Is CARS24 a Class Apart?

CARS24 is India’s leading second-hand car platform that deals with over 1,50,000 certified, inspected pre‑owned vehicles every year. The brand has set a new benchmark for advertising with its emotional stories that involve famous Bollywood celebrities like Boman Irani, Nawazuddin, and Mandira Bedi.

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