Game Learning – The New Name for Interactive Learning

The Chief Creative Director of BYJU’S has recently offered his two cents on the use of “game learning” by EdTech platforms, especially with the changing models of learning.  Let’s have a look at what this means and how it benefits students, shall we?

Gaming and Learning – Contradictions or Cousins?

While it’s not all a new concept, game learning adds a more interactive and engaging feature to e‑learning. By applying game mechanics in education, a reward-based approach is used to make learning a fun experience.

There is, understandably, still some hesitancy about BYJU’s game learning model. Sounds concerning to parents? Yes.  Are there studies that have found that assumption wrong? Absolutely.

This module promotes better learning; that is what the studies and surveys point at. How? Well, although it reads game learning, it has more to do with incentivizing education than gaming itself. This is exactly what BYJU’S has done with its EdTech, rather than actual gaming.

The Gamification Module

More than just mugging up a chapter before an exam, BYJU’S motivates its students to improve their learning outcomes with feedback and rewards. Aren’t we all familiar with the feeling of joy when we tick important tasks off our to-do lists? That incentive is exactly what “game learning” by BYJU’s taps into. It helps sustain a student’s interest over an extended period, with a flow of motivation on reaching each milestone. The lessons are personalized by the educators to help students achieve their goals. Dhilip Kumar, BYJU’s Chief Creative Director describes these educational games as a powerful tool that fosters creativity in children as well as develops problem-solving skills while making them fall in love with learning. 

The BYJU’s Framework

The games designed by BYJU’S are thus based on this very framework and make learning an interactive activity, which is often a concern when it comes to online learning. 

Maintaining Motivation

Game learning, when used to impart knowledge, encourages students to find motivation by stimulating their primal instincts to achieve goals. BYJU’s combines theory-heavy subjects with rewards after each milestone. This has been proven to promote logical thinking.

Interpersonal Skills

Games often promote teamwork. Similarly, learning goals can be set that cannot be achieved without cooperation amongst students. Not only does game learning improve social skills, but also, effective communication and empathy.

Game Learning – The New Name for Interactive Learning

Removing Stigma of Failure

Failure is a necessary step on the path to success. Society has created an aura of negativity around the concept such that students lose will and motivation when they hit their first setback. By letting a student reattempt a task at the ‘same level’ helps them develop persistence and eventually boosts self-confidence.


The game-design principles in BYJU’s animations, interactive quizzes, and tests definitively set it apart from the rest. Due to Covid-19, online learning has become inevitable. BYJU’S has incorporated game mechanics in its course modules to make learning engaging, entertaining, and interactive.  As their motto is “make students fall in love with learning”, this step is in the right direction.  Do visit to know more.

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