BYJU’s Future School – Is It Good For Your Child?

The BYJU’s App has come a long way since 2011 and it is India’s largest online education company with over 4 crore active users. Recently, BYJU’S launched its Future School program in April 2021 and changed the game for remote education. Here’s how:

A School for the Future

The BYJU’S Future School program consists of an activity-based curriculum that provides live instructions to students. It aids in developing skills like problem-solving, creative thinking, and communication in young students.

With this initiative, BYJU’S dives deep into the “why” of learning – instead of rote memorization. Interactions with technical heads of GooglePlex and other Silicon Valley firms have further helped the process. It also follows a reward-based structure, which is far more motivational as compared to other teaching methods.

The BYJU’s Future School program is available on the BYJU’S app, which offers features like:

Creating an application/game: Kids are provided with an opportunity to write, learn codes and develop games or apps with the help of experts. This enables them to become developers at an early age. Also, the best apps or games get featured on BYJU’S website.

No pre-scheduled Classes: Students can schedule their classes through the app at their convenience. Also, each student is provided with one-on-one guidance from top-rated educators. BYJU’S has long been using a ‘two-teacher’ method for its online education and lessons learned from it have been translated well for the future school initiative.

BYJU’s Future School

What Subjects Are Offered – And How?

Currently, BYJU’S Future School offers courses for coding, music, and maths. Recently, it included a space exploration program and a special music course for adults; the details of which can be found on their website.

Coding: The main goal of BYJU’S is to shift students from passive consumers to active creators of technology through their personalized courses. The program teaches fundamentals of coding: logic, structure, sequence, and algorithmic thinking along with creative aspects like websites, animations, and apps. It features key events like the ‘Silicon Valley Challenge’ and the ’18-under-18 fellowship’, all of which help students in getting confident with their coding skills.

Mathematics: Here, BYJU’S Future School teaches the “why” behind math problems with the help of concepts. It helps up-skilling students by letting them solve real-world problems. This in turn helps them become more resilient because of the mistakes they make; which the teachers are trained to use as an opportunity to teach and not rebuke.

BYJU’S Future School program


The space exploration program was added to serve as a powerful catalyst for the kids to pursue STEM subjects. Through this, BYJU’s Future School is also making special efforts to include girls in a male‑dominated field. But, why these particular subjects? Well, the world has been seeing an unparalleled technological shift in which subjects like maths and coding are becoming the most sought after.

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