Do you think influencer marketing could be used to promote movies, if then how?

As the saying goes, “Content is king!” Whatever you create has the potential to spread like wildfire, but did you know that social media is the gasoline that helps spark this fire? While good content may be all about storytelling, what is also important is the ability to tell that story well and ensure that it spreads i.e., reaches the masses. For the same reason, for any brand to thrive, it is imperative that it explores all channels of brand marketing. In the digital era today, social networks and influencers have a greater impact on any given industry.

When it comes to movie reviews and ratings, traditional channels such as specialized television and radio shows play a vital role. Word of mouth has always played an effective role in ensuring commercial success and popularity of a production. After all, we love our recommendations and rely heavily on reviews when deciding which feature to watch.

When one is promoting a film or a series, influencer marketing forms an integral part of the marketing strategy. With people spending close to 145 minutes on social media every day, the power and influence of social media cannot be overlooked. Influencer marketing is an extremely important marketing tool that can be used by brands to connect with the 3.78 million social media users that exist globally.

Influencer marketing is the swiftest, easiest, and one of the most cost-effective means of connecting with your audience, especially across different social media platforms. It presents the opportunity for production houses to generate positive word of mouth. Here are few reasons why influencer marketing could be used to promote movies:

influencer marketing

Honest Reviews

Influencers tend to share their personal experiences about brands they experience. Therefore, when an opinion about a series or a film reaches you through social media, it feels more genuine and spontaneous. Influencer posts about movies are a great way to garner attention. Since influencers work independently from movie production houses, people feel that their conversations are more reliable rather than biased content created in return for money.

Have a wider reach

In order to curate a smart marketing campaign, it is vital to have influencers in your audience. Youtubers, movie bloggers, and other influencers in the movie industry have a wider reach and influence. Additionally, they can provide authentic reviews, spread teaser trailers, create unique content, and offer multiple shares of content. This ensures that the content reaches a great range of audiences.

Create more engagement

Through personalized influencer marketing campaigns such as quizzes, contests, meet and greet, influencers can create more traffic towards an event.  Offering gifts, prizes, etc. are strategies proven to increase engagement and expanding the audience for a particular film or series.


Traditional methods of marketing tend to incur more costs than other forms of marketing.  The ever-increasing influence of social media makes influencer marketing essential, reliable, and cost-effective. Although influencers charge a fee, their content is unique, authentic, and has a wider reach. Within a given budget, they have been known to make entertaining posts, capture great pictures and run the most informative sessions.

What works in Influencer Marketing?

  • Have a strategy and plan in place. Prepare your marketing strategy and finalize your budget.
  • Shortlist your influencers. Find them organically or subscribe to a platform.
  • Practice a great means of communication when interacting with influencers. Communicate your expectations clearly; Develop a schedule with the influencers according to their preferences.
  • Get them involved in your goals and plans, so that they will be excited and motivated to share your content.

Influencer marketing is the new pathway for the movie industry as it not only boosts your reach but also offers creativity, authority, credibility, and thought leadership within your industry.

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