5 Ways Parents Can Help Children with Their Homework

Homework is an integral part of the school curriculum since time immemorial. Educating children to become the future of our society is not just a responsibility of teachers and staff at school, but also a combined responsibility of parents and guardians who look after them at home as well. Homework is an exercise that promotes a culture of continuous learning and is one of the best ways to conduct a revision of what was taught in class and enable kids to experiment with the knowledge they gained in class.

Though adults understand the importance and intent of homework; for kids, homework is not always a welcome task. Kids often consider homework as a punishment or as a killer of their free time at home which they could have utilized for playing around. It is natural for kids to get this picture of homework as an enemy, and it is the responsibility of parents to help them understand why homework is not such a bad idea and can in fact be a time well spent to reinforce their learnings from the classroom.

Parents Can Help Children

Here are 5 ways parents can help children with their homework:

Organize a Schedule

All work and no play make Jack a dull boy. This saying stands true for eternity. Kids need a break from their studies at regular intervals. Do not rush them into doing their homework right after they arrive from school. Let them go out and play or engage in some form of indoor games or any entertainment like watching TV or playing a video game for a fixed time every day. Parents can dedicate a certain time slot in the evening for kids to do their homework. This time schedule can help parents proactively engage & connect with their kids at various levels. The kids will also appreciate the parents helping them with their studies.

Get Involved

A key requirement for parents to help their kids with their homework lessons is to get involved actively in the process. For this, they need to have knowledge of the lessons that were taught, the progress made by their kid over the past, and much more. By relying on online apps like BYJU’S Parent Connect App for helping kids with their lessons, parents too can get acquainted with the syllabus, set learning schedules, check progress and test scores, etc., which will all be available for them to assess from time to time.

Eliminate Distractions

When you have set aside a time schedule for homework, ensure that there is no other unnecessary noise or distractions in your home and kids can fully concentrate to make the most out of their homework time. Putting your cell phones in silent mode, turning off TVs and other appliances, limiting visitor interactions indoors are some methods parents can follow to create a distraction-free study environment for kids.

Offer Guidance

Helping your kids with their homework is no sin. Not all students will be able to grasp what their teachers recite or demonstrate at school and they may not be able to complete their homework on their own. Parents can sit with their wards and lend a helping hand to help them complete their homework successfully.

Encourage Note Building

Parents can encourage kids to make notes creatively in ways that will be etched in their memory for the long term. Using informative drawings or visualizations to quickly understand lessons can help them try new ways of solving challenging homework tasks.

As kids grow, so should their rational ability to understand the importance of homework and the need to meticulously follow instructions given by their teachers to do the homework. Parents are their guide and mentor in enabling a conducive environment for students to complete their homework on time.

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