Advantages of StashFin Personal Loan Over Bank Loans

StashFin is an Indian neo-banking platform that offers personal loans in a safe and secure mode. Absolutely frictionless and transparent, StashFin personal loans are quick and require less paperwork. Instead, in a traditional bank loan, you have to submit plenty of documents; also, not to forget the amount of time it can cost during the whole process.

What are the Advantages of StashFin Personal Loan?

Why you should avail personal loans at StashFin over banks? The answer is here. For StashFin, customer requirements come first. It also provides a free credit report to its customers. Let us take a deep dive at the numerous benefits and advantages of StashFin Personal Loan:

Personal Loan
  1. No Physical Contact: To get an online personal loan, you only need a mobile/laptop with an internet connection. Hence, no physical contact is required to get a personal loan online. Sounds great, isn’t it? StashFin offers such loans in an easy and hassle-free manner.  
  2. Variety of Usage: You need not specify any reason to avail a personal loan from StashFin. It can be used for various purposes, such as marriage, education, healthcare, home improvement, travel, and many more. 
  3. Minimum Documentation: One of the major benefits of an online personal loan is less documentation. Online platforms such as StashFin require only address proof, identity proof, and income proof. Submit the soft copies in the app, and you’re done.
  1. Flexible Payment Terms:  StashFin offers credits ranging from ₹1000 to ₹5, 00,000.  The repayment tenure is flexible, starting from 3 months to 36 months. Also, there is no prepayment charge in case you repay the amount beforehand.
  2. Get Loan Instantly: In case of an emergency, taking an online loan is the best option. With an easy application process, the loan amount is credited earlier than bank loans. At StashFin, your approved amount is disbursed to your account within 4 hours.

You can keep a track of your loans and EMIs in the StashFin app. It helps first-time borrowers build their credit scores.

More about StashFin:

StashFin provides credit line services and personal loans. A credit line is a predefined amount you can borrow from a bank/online platform and repay it in easy EMIs. It can be transferred to your credit card, and also be taken as a loan. The benefit of taking a loan from a credit line is the less interest rate than a credit card.

StashFin Credit line card offers a credit limit from ₹1000 to up to ₹5 Lakhs based on your credit score. Unlike credit cards, you can withdraw 100% amount of your credit limit at a reasonable interest. The StashFin credit line card allows 10 free ATM cash withdrawals per month.  Also, you need not pay interest for the amount you don’t spend.

Stay worry-free with StashFin while saving your time and money.

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