Why Do People Call Darshan “Challenging Star Darshan”?

Why Do People Call Darshan “Challenging Star Darshan”?

No matter what name you refer to call the sandalwood superstar Darshan Thoogudeepa, one title that is constant in all these years is “Challenging Star”. Not only is this constant, but the title also says a lot about Darshan and his challenging life.

Title Ceremony of “Challenging Star Darshan”:

In 2003, Darshan was honored with the prefix “Challenging Hero” by his mentor, Desi Gowder at a ceremony in Hootagalli, Mysore. He, however, became more popular as “Challenging Star Darshan” after the success of the action-drama Majestic. He has earned the star title for his ability to take up all the difficulties as a challenge.

Struggle, Hard Work, and the Subsequent Success:

The actor has been ruling Sandalwood for over a decade with his remarkable performances at the box office. Darshan has a huge fanbase following across Karnataka. But this was not the case always.

Before becoming a popular face in the Kannada Industry, Darshan had faced a lot of challenges in his life. Despite being the son of the Kannada industry’s popular actor in the negative role of Srinivasa Thoogudeepa, Darshan’s entry into the film industry was never an easy walk. Darshan and his family had to face huge monetary challenges to make ends meet after his father’s deteriorated health and subsequent demise. He used to work as a light man, assistant for directors in several films in the industry.

He used to sell milk and work in hotels after his father’s death. Maybe now we can guess, why his father was not in support of Darshan and his brother Dinakar taking up acting as a profession…

Fast-forward to today, Darshan is one of the biggest stars of Sandalwood, and we believe it’s all because of his indomitable spirit, perseverance, hard work, and overcoming all challenges in his life.

He is also lovingly called with names like D-Boss, Box office Sultan, Sultan of Sandalwood, Knock-out star, and many more. What do you like to call your favorite star – Darshan, by the way? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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