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Love is God! Love is happiness! Love is sacrifice! Love finds happiness even in sacrifice! Love is something every individual wants in life, and it makes everything seem beautiful. When in love, there is never a dull moment. It makes us feel complete and content. It makes us smile wholeheartedly without any remorse. Even heartbreak seems worthwhile when you are in love with the right person.

Premam Poojyam trailer

This is exactly what has been explained through the Premam Poojyam trailer, which is simply magical in every frame of it. Lovely Star Prem, who is best known for portraying a romantic hero role, is back again doing what he does best: mesmerizing people with his honest smile and looking like an impersonation of love himself. The enthralling scenes and landscapes take you to a different world altogether and hence add to the fascinating world of love the makers want to take us to. Brinda Acharya and Aindrita Ray are like cherries on a cake who look absolutely stunning and like a synonym for the word beauty. Even the songs in the movie are sensational, which makes you lose yourself in their humming. With all the amazing elements, the movie promises to be a delightful ride into the world of love. Can’t wait to watch it in the theatres and experience the magic of love.

Premam Poojyam trailer

The movie is going to be released on 12th November 2021. Do not miss the rare Kannada love story that is sure to take you into the world of godly love. A must watch!

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