Manso Re announced his next project, titled ‘19.20.21’

Manso Re is a highly regarded filmmaker in the Kannada film industry. His recent success with ‘ACT-1978’ has solidified his position as one of the leading filmmakers working today. Originally, he had planned to create a period epic called ‘Abbakka’, inspired by the bravery and reign of Tuluva queen Rani Abbakka Chowta in the 16th century. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, Manso Re has decided to put ‘Abbakka’ on hold and announced a new project instead.

Manso Re recently shared on social media that he has altered his plans and announced his next project, called ‘19.20.21’. According to the filmmaker, the movie is based on real events and the title holds a lot of significance in everyone’s lives. He shared more about the project in his social media post.

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