Premam Poojyam A BlockBuster Hit

On November 12th, the Kannada film Premam Poojyam heralded the start of a new season of love in Karnataka, bringing with it an air of fresh romance. This is an ideal movie to watch with your life partner as it oozes warmth in every minute of it.

More than 9000 people participated in the contest, out of which 300 were chosen as lucky winners from social media platforms like Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Youtube. The lucky winners expressed regards and goodwill for showing them the best love story of their lives. Couples from all ages flocked into the theatres on the first day of the release and enjoyed their favourite actor, Lovely Star Prem, in the movie.

Note: To maintain confidentiality and people’s privacy, the winners’ phone numbers and other details are not revealed.

The overwhelming response from the audience is enough to prove that the movie is going to be a blockbuster love story. Do visit your nearest theatre with your loved ones and watch Premam Poojyam, the magical love story.

Please watch Prem and Brinda attended Premier Show at PVR. Watch the videos here.

If you would like to book the tickets in advance, please book here.


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