All That You Need to Know about BYJU’s: Class 2 Syllabus

Class 2 is crucial for kids because they transition from playful kindergarten to full-fledged studies. Hence, parents need to be a little attentive to their child’s learning needs.

The BYJU’S class 2 syllabus is a combination of experienced teachers, personalized learning, and feedback along with practice workbooks and assignments that helps them learn effectively.

BYJU’S class 2 syllabus covers the subjects like:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Environmental Science
  • Poetry
  • Essay Writing
  • General Knowledge

Let’s check out the BYJU’S class 2 syllabus in detail

2nd Grade English Syllabus: Exposure to new words daily, helps kids in expanding their vocabulary. Thus, helping them frame sentences, improve their speech, and develop reading skills. Class 2 English worksheets include crosswords, fill-ups, word scrambles, matching exercises, and other activities. Worksheets help them understand and grasp the language well.

Class 2 Maths Syllabus: The maths syllabus consists of complex arithmetic problems on operations such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The worksheets help kids in learning numbers. It consists of concepts like multiplication tables, identifying odd and even numbers, comparison of signs like equal to, greater than, and less than, etc.

2nd Grade GK Syllabus: GK contributes to a child’s overall development by providing them with knowledge on interesting dates and events that take place around the globe.

Class 2 EVS Syllabus: Children learn about plants, animals, air, natural processes, environment, water, soil, etc., in EVS class. These worksheets help them retain what was thought in school.

English Poem for Grade 2: Students are thought various poems belonging to different genres like animal poems, bird poems, nature poems, and so on. These poems help kids get accustomed to emotions like happiness, sadness, excitement, etc.

Essays for Grade 2: The essay class helps students in improving their writing skills. They’re made to write essays on topics like family, school, friends, mother, favorite dish, etc. This helps them communicate their emotions in a creative way.

BYJU’S class 2 syllabus


Class 2 is very crucial for a child’s development. The BYJU’S class 2 syllabus is designed such that it helps them understand and retain knowledge while having fun through creative methods. 

For more details, visit BYJU’S: Class 2 Syllabus

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