5 Best Movies of Challenging Star Darshan You Must Watch

It’s been 25 years since Challenging Star Darshan has been ruling the Kannada film industry with his iconic style and stellar performances. Son of yesteryear actor Shrinivas Thoogudeepa, Darshan has earned a huge fan base across Karnataka. He has played a wide variety of roles in his acting career. Recently, he has ventured into production along with his brother with the banner, Thoogudeepa Production.

Other than the prefix – Challenging Star, Darshan is also popularly known as Box-office sultan for obvious reasons – his back-to-back blockbuster hits. Coming to films, Majestic, Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna, Yajamana, Sarathi, are among his all-time superhits that made Challenging Star Darshan one of the biggest names in the Kannada film industry.

5 Best Movies of Challenging Star Darshan

5 Best Movies of Darshan Thoogudeepa You Should Not Miss:

  • Majestic: ‘Majestic’ marks Darshan’s entry to Sandalwood as a protagonist. Directed by PN Sathya, the film featured Darshan, Sparsha Rekha, and Jai Jagadish in crucial roles. Darshan played the role of an orphan who became a gangster once he grew up. Majestic has earned Darshan the recognition of an upcoming superstar, with the film running almost 100 days in theatres across down South.
  • Kurukshetra: Kurukshetra holds a very special place in Challenging Star Darshan’s and his fan’s heart, as it marks the actor’s 50th Kannada film. The mythological film is portrayed from the viewpoint of Duryodhana who has always been perceived as an antagonist. Darshan did a fantastic job in the titular role, Duryodhana. His finesse and flawless execution have not only emotionally connected well with the audience, but also left them mesmerized.
  • Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna: With Krantiveera Sangolli Rayanna, Darshan tried his hands on period drama for the first time. He portrayed the character of the freedom fighter Sangolli Rayanna – a soldier known for his bravery during the British Raj. This film is considered as one of the remarkable performances of Challenging Star Darshan and received high appreciation from critics and audiences alike. It became a blockbuster in the Kannada Film Industry.
  • Sarathi: Directed by his brother Dinakar Thoogudeepa, ‘Sarathi’ is one of the life-changing movies in Darshan’s acting career. The film is reportedly a remake of the famous Hollywood movie ‘Lion King’. Upon release, it turned out to be a massive hit in Sandalwood, with 50 days run over 80 theatres across Karnataka. The film won three awards at the Karnataka State Film Awards – 2011, including the ‘Best Entertaining Movie’ of the year.
  • Yajamana: Yajamana brings the action hero in Darshan in a quite entertaining plot. Being a good performer, Darshan has managed to awe his fans with his mass and class actions throughout the scenes. The film is a commercial drama with great visuals, comic masala, and memorable background score.

Which of the above 5 Best Movies of Challenging Star Darshan do you like the most? Share it in the comment section below.

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