BYJU’S Tablet Helps Cricket Champ Rhony in his Studies

BYJU’S classes prove to be the most convenient learning platform for students to succeed in academics, without giving up on their passion for sports and other extra-curricular activities. Rhony Amol is keeping up with both his studies and passion with the help of BYJU’S- The Learning App.

Rhony Amol, a class 9 student has the ambition to play for the Indian cricket team. Currently, Rhony plays for the under-14 cricket team of Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh. As a young aspiring cricketer, Rhony has many awards to his credit from various domestic leagues.  

How Rhony Started Playing and How BYJU’S Tablet Helped Him:

 “Everybody in my family love cricket. One of my earliest memories is sitting with them and watching matches. I just love the sport. By the time I was 8 years old, I started playing it too.”

From playing gully cricket to taking it to a professional level, Rhony’s zeal for cricket came from watching matches with his family.  His father enrolled him into a cricket academy to take his talent forward.

BYJU’S Rhony Amol

Rhony says he has learnt many lessons playing cricket that can be used in real life as well

  1. Think fast: You have to think very fast and make decisions while playing. Likewise, in exams, you can’t waste much time thinking or planning how to write. You just have to focus on writing.
  2. Discipline:  There is no replacement for discipline in life. Rhony believes, “No matter how good your game is, without discipline, you can’t go to the next level!”
  3. Team Commitment: Being a captain, Rhony believes teamwork is the road to success in any field. Loyalty to the team is the base.

As Rhony has been spending long hours in the nets, he needed a trusted mode of learning to keep up with his academics. That’s when he got the BYJU’S tablet course. Rhony could rely on his BYJU’S tablet to balance both his passion and studies. Rhony likes the ‘Quizzo’ session in the app citing its competitiveness.

 “I take my BYJU’S tablet with me when I go to the ground so that I can learn during my time off from practice. I also like that some of the concepts in BYJU’S are explained through sports examples! BYJU’S simplifies my studies and helps me understand concepts quickly and easily.”

Rhony’s message for students and parents:

“If you want to achieve something, then hard work is the way to go.”

Rhony truly believes that hard work is the key to success; be it in any field; sports, or academics. You must do hard work and follow a disciplined routine in order to master your skill.

Rhony thanks his parents for being his biggest support system in his decision to pursue cricket as a profession. He said, “Both of my parents encouraged me to pursue my passion. They never once told me to stop playing before an exam and study instead. They trusted me to balance both and that made a huge difference.”

For students like Rhony, BYJU’S is a true companion to complement their studies.

We wish Rhony to achieve his goal of being a great cricket player!

Did you find Rhony’s take on learning inspiring and helpful? Let us know in the comments below!

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