India’s 1st Antipiracy Company from Bangalore

Many of you might have heard about piracy and even watched pirated movies but do you know a Bangalore-based company protects 90% of new releases in Bollywood.

A company (AiPlex Anti-piracy) that was started by Mr. Girish Kumar at Vijayanagar, Bangalore is now trusted by the biggest names in Bollywood, i.e., Yash Raj Films, Red Chillies, Dharma Productions, Viacom, T-Series, Eros, Alt-Balaji to just name a few. 

AiPlex is India’s first Antipiracy Company serving over 200+ content owners for more than 12+ years. AiPlex helps remove unlicensed / infringed content across all digital platforms; Social Media, Search Engines, Mobile Apps, Marketplaces, Fake Websites, OTT platforms, and other emerging platforms.

The Menace Called Piracy

Piracy refers to the unauthorized duplication and distribution of copyrighted content like movies, web series, TV serials, music albums, etc. According to a report by Irdeto, the Indian media and entertainment industry loses $2.8 billion of its annual revenue to piracy and almost 6000 jobs a year.

Piracy is a nightmare for content creators, legitimate TV channels, and also poses security risks for consumers.  It robs them of their legitimate right to earn from all the creativity and hard work that goes behind creating content that all of us love.

India is among the top five countries in the world when it comes to peer-to-peer downloading. They feel it is okay to download and watch any content they find online, be it movies, serials, or documentaries.

Menace Called Piracy

How & Why AiPlex Plays a Key Role in the Indian Entertainment Ecosystem

They treat their antipiracy solution as much more than a business proposition; it is about safeguarding jobs and safeguarding a crucial industry. A fool-proof antipiracy solution honed and finetuned over the last 13+ years.

 Strengths this company has developed:

  1. 150+ Net Vigilance & IPR specialists who work around the clock 24/7/365 days a year.
  2. Infringement Investigation Suite (IIS):  A proprietary tool designed to detect and extract link share distribution sites (cyberlockers), torrents (P2P Networks), streaming sites, etc.
  3. Takedown access and moderator facility to bring down infringing content with more than 200 hosting sites (Facebook, YouTube, etc.)
  4. Advertisement Monitoring & Payment Management:  Ability to monitor how illegal piracy sites monetize their content and the required capability to turn off their money flow.
  5. Content Management Suite:  Their proprietary tool has the capability of dispatching more than 5000 cease & desist letters a day, can validate and verify more than a million URLs per day, and various other features.
  6. They give the customers access to both mobile and desktop app that give them real-time updates on the progress of antipiracy efforts.

If you are a movie production house, a distributor, an OTT platform, a streaming service, an EdTech, a television company worried about losing revenues to piracy then this is India’s own antipiracy company that can give you an end-to-end antipiracy solution.  The biggest names in the industry trust them.

Get in touch with them at AiPlex Anti-piracy for any of your content protection needs.

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