BYJU’S Student Vazeela S Tops Class 10 Board Exam, 2020

BYJU’S- The Learning App has been a reliable learning companion for many students to achieve academic success. With its conceptual clarity through visualization, personalized teaching, and individual attention, BYJU’S has helped students overcome the odds and ace their exams.

One such student is Vazeela S from Trivandrum, Kerala. She managed to score 96% (A+ grade) in the Kerala State Board Exam, despite being involved in a fatal bus accident.

Hardships in Vazeela’s way:

In December 2019, Vazeela was returning home after giving her mid-term examination. But as she was boarding a bus, the driver moved the vehicle causing Vazeela to lose balance. She fell on the path of the bus and the rear wheels nearly crushed her right leg causing two fractures.

Vazeela who was under severe stress and mental pain was rushed to a hospital. Thankfully, she was given the right medical treatment, and put under supervision in the hospital for about a month.  To read more about the incident visit:

With the board exams just around the corner, it was not at all an easy task for Vazeela to continue her studies.

Class 10 Topper Vazeela

How BYJU’S became Vazeela’s Learning Companion:

Although Vazeela was recovering from her injury, she wasn’t able to attend any classes. It was at this time BYJU’S came to her rescue. Luckily, a few days before the accident she had bought a BYJU’S learning tablet to supplement her studies. The tablet later became her only mode of learning while she was at the hospital. She continued to learn from the BYJU’S tablet up until her exams and managed to score 96% in the finals.

Vazeela expressed her gratitude to BYJU’S and her BYJU’S mentor Anjana for helping her at the time of need. She found the interactive videos to be very insightful and she could learn from them at her own convenience. Vazeela said, “The visualizations in the app make it easy to remember and they are very attractive. I wasn’t in a position to revise many times but seeing the videos on BYJU’S just once cleared my concepts. I momentarily forgot my pain when I was learning from the app, and for that, I would like to thank all the teachers at BYJU’S.”

Vazeela, while talking about her mentor Ms. Anjana, mentioned, “She (Anjana) called me so many times and motivated me. She kept reminding me that this is not the end, and that I should push myself. She always told me that I could do it. That was beneficial, and it inspired me a lot. It influenced me a lot.”

Vazeela’s tips to her juniors:

Sharing her hardships, Vazeela suggested the aspirants believe in their own self.  We should always accept the situation we are in and never think that we can’t do something. 

She stated, “I never thought ‘I can’t’. Both studying and writing exams were difficult for me, but I never gave up. Only you know your strength so believe in yourself, love yourself, and don’t give up.”

Overcoming difficulties like a true champion, Vazeela’s success is a story of determination, strength, and willpower.  Her ‘never-give-up’ spirit and positive attitude has made everything possible for her. Vazeela wishes to become an IAS officer and work for the wellbeing of the society. We wish Vazeela a very bright future ahead.

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