BYJU’S ‘Learning Solution’ for Schools in Partnership with Google

BYJU’S is on a mission to revolutionize the future of education and has now come up with learning solutions for schools in collaboration with the tech giant Google. The BYJU’s-Google tie-up brings together BYJU’s content leadership and pedagogy and the simplicity, flexibility and security of Google Workspace for Education on the ‘Vidyartha’ platform to provide effective learning & teaching solutions for schools.

A Brief about BYJU’S ‘Learning Solution’ for Schools:

The pandemic and the nationwide lockdown have led to the swift digitization of the education system in India. With a significant rise in demand and need for online learning, BYJU’S has now announced its partnership with Google to provide a comprehensive learning solution for schools.  

This platform is available for free to participating educational institutions.

BYJU’S believes that this partnership will help school students become better learners. A collaborative digital platform has been set up with the digital platform Vidyartha (one of BYJU’S many acquisitions). Institutions can register their school by filling in the details of the school, school ID, and other details. It will be completely free of cost for both teachers and students. 

How BYJU’S Learning Solution for Schools will Work?

The collaboration of Google and BYJU’S to provide learning solutions for schools will revolutionize the classroom setup, making it much more engaging and fulfilling than ever.

BYJU’S Learning Solution for Schools will Work

After successful registration of the institutions, teachers and students will get access to:

  • Learning Content from BYJU’S: In this mission to help students from across the country, students and teachers will get access to BYJU’S Math and Science study resources for free. Study materials including interactive video lessons, chapter-wise presentations, assignments, question banks, summary docs, preparatory tests, and solutions to previous year question papers will be available on Google Classroom of the Vidyartha platform.  
  • Live classes with Google Meet: With the Vidyartha platform, taking online classes is no longer an issue. Schools will be able to conduct uninterrupted learning sessions with 100 students (all at once) in a modern and secure setup with an inbuilt Google Meet application.
  • A Google Classroom setup: An end-to-end classroom management to help teachers and students to communicate, organize tests, upload home works, and track classroom learning.
  • Google Workspace for Education:  A free Google Workspace for Education profile will be created for every teacher, staff, and student. They will also be provided with Google apps like Gmail, Docs, Sheets, and Slides, with 100TB of pooled free cloud storage.

Start your online school now with Vidyartha, and get access to these awesome features of BYJU’S and Google!

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