BYJU’S Future School Space Explorer Program

As Coding is the lingua franca of the future; similarly Space Education is the increasing subject of our education. And on these lines BYJU’S new global expansion – BYJU’S Future School has this mission to encourage kids worldwide with an opportunity to learn about space and its wonderful mysteries.

BYJU’S Future School Space Explorer Program | All You Need to Know

BYJU’S is dedicated to empowering young geniuses with education and technology to conquer bigger achievements. BYJU’S new addition- BYJU’S Future School Space Explorer Program will give kids direct access to a satellite. BYJU’S Future School has partnered with a leading space company‑EnduroSat, which is preparing to launch two satellites in June 2021 and December 2021 respectively. Both the satellites will carry more than 30 sensors including temperature, sun sensor, gyroscope, a computer program, etc. which will leverage SpaceX’s Falcon 9 rideshare.

BYJU’S believes that the opportunity to the advanced technology would bring out the creative and curious side of kids, which will help them to study and research more of the cosmos.

Space Explorer Program

How BYJU’S Future School Space Explorer Program Will Help Students?

BYJU’S Future School Space Explorer Program will offer students exciting learning opportunities related to space. Kids of 1 to 9 grades will be taught to build curriculum-based applications. They will be able to send commands and get access to space data from a satellite operating in space with the help of BYJU’S Future School Payload computer program.

  1. Kids will be able to observe planet Earth from space by building space applications.
  2. Collecting data and analysing weather phenomena of the space from various tools and sensors.
  3. Analysing the outer space environment and sending dedicated postcards from space.
  4. Predicting weather and terrestrial anomalies, and many more.

It is certain that with this program, the learning opportunities that students will get are endless. Read more about BYJU’S Future School here: BYJU’S Future School.

Are you interested in exploring the unseen universe? If yes, then visit BYJU’S Future School Space Explorer Program and enroll yourself in a coding course to get an opportunity.

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