BYJU’S Acquires On-Demand Tutoring App HashLearn

Indian EdTech giant BYJU’S is always making headlines for its acquisition spree. In a span of 12 months, the EdTech decacorn has acquired firms like WhiteHat Jr., Aakash, Scholr, etc., and in talks with many more. Simply put, BYJU’S with each passing day is moving closer to become the most-valued global EdTech.

Recently, BYJU’S has again made headlines with the acquisition of HashLearn, an online coaching platform for competitive exams.

BYJU’S Acquires HashLearn | What is HashLearn:

HashLearn is a mobile tutoring app in India that started in the year 2013. Also known as #Learn, the platform connects students with top tutors anytime, anywhere. HashLearn helps students to prepare for board exams and competitive exams such as IITJEE, BITSAT, NEET, VITEEE, SRMEEE, and so on. It has nearly 300 million students on its platform across India.

BYJU’S | The Leading EdTech of India:

BYJU’S is dedicated to make learners ‘fall in love’ with learning and achieve success. It is the second most-valued startup of India that offers content for K-12 and other competitive exams. It has more than 80 million users and 5.5 million premium users as of 2021. With steady growth, the EdTech platform now has become a reliable learning companion to students in India and overseas.

BYJU’S Acquires On-Demand Tutoring App HashLearn | How Will This Acquisition Add Value to E-Learning:

BYJU’S believes in adding value to the Indian education system through innovation and technology.  With its bundle of new ventures and acquisitions, the decacorn has added a diverse range of possibilities and innovations to its product line-up.

With a similar freemium business model as BYJU’S, HashLearn offers its content for free and paid subscriptions, calling it a ‘passport’ to ace exams. BYJU’S content includes both K-12 and other competitive exams, whereas HashLearn’s main focus is board exams and test-prep courses. BYJU’S world-class teachers and interactive animated lessons and resources have made learning a convenient and personalized experience, and with HashLearn, the personalized experience will be much more effective and engaging for students across India. Both the learning programs by HashLearn and BYJU’S will strengthen the Digital Education Infrastructure of India, helping the latter go bigger.

From the business perspective, the dominance of BYJU’S is visible in the EdTech space, and with its acquisitions, BYJU’S is on its way to become the most-valued global EdTech company.  How do you think HashLearn will help BYJU’S go bigger?  Let us know in your comments.

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