How Companies Support Employees from COVID-19

The deadly COVID-19 crisis brought about a drastic change in the work environment of employees. Companies had to quickly switch to work-from-home mode and adjust to this new normal. But, little did we know that this would result in increased work stress, fear, anxiety, despair amid these chaotic times. The impact was visible and was not to be ignored. To cope with this unforeseen situation, companies have launched programs to address their employees’ mental, physical, and financial wellbeing by lending crucial support and care. 

How Companies Support Employees from COVID-19?

Employees are the assets of a company, thus sufficient support and care from employers is a win-win both for the employers and the employees. Companies have risen up to COVID challenge by offering resources for emergency financial aid, vaccination drives, hospitalization and insurance support, well‑being programs, team-building activities, etc. Communication from leaders showed empathy, flexibility, and compassion, and has assured employees of their financial security.  The message conveyed is that we are in it together.  

6 Companies Supporting Employees from COVID-19:

Companies Supporting Employees

In this unprecedented time, well-being and healthcare is the focal point for businesses. All the companies, no matter how big or small it is, are continuously doing their part to support their core assets, i.e., their employees.

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has announced to raise wages for its hourly delivery workers. It has increased the sick pay amount for employees contracting the virus. The company has already hired 100,000 new roles for people who were left with no work due to the crisis. The Amazon Relief Fund has been set up to support its delivery service partners and drivers, Amazon Flex participants, and seasonal employees.

India’s leading EdTech decacorn BYJU’S is conducting regular health sessions of yoga practices, workout sessions, diet tips, annual medical check-ups, etc. for their employees. CEO of BYJU’S, Mr. BYJU Raveendran has also set up a 20 Crore COVID-19 Relief Fund to support all the BYJUites. Currently, they are working on a free vaccination drive to get all their employees vaccinated. Know what they are doing to help their employees here.

Online payment system Paytm had arranged a 24X7 helpline with 120 volunteers, who were constantly in contact with patients contracting the virus. In supporting his employees, the founder of Paytm has donated his two-month salary to the cause of his employees’ safety. COVID-19 insurances for bereaved families, vaccination, and food delivery to the patients have also been offered by the Paytm family.

Companies like Accenture, Wipro, and Infosys are bearing the vaccination cost to safeguard their employees at the earliest. Accenture has built a telemedicine service, primary care, insurance coverage, mental health support for its employees and their families.  Similarly, Wipro has set a wellness program, primary care, virtual consultations, and 24×7 emergency care experts to ensure the physical and mental wellbeing of its employees. Infosys will allow employees to heal from the virus by providing additional paid leaves. A COVID care center is made in Pune and Bangalore to provide treatment and medical care to the employees.

With these collective efforts of the companies and the government, this too shall pass, and a better world will come soon where masks won’t be required; a pre-covid world where we will able to socialize without fear of the pandemic.

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