Used Car or New Car: Can a Used Luxury Car Be a Better Option than a New One?

If you’ve always wanted to drive a luxurious used car like a BMW, Porsche Cayenne, Mercedes-Benz SUV, or another luxury vehicle, but could not justify the purchase price, used luxury cars are a great alternative. Most drivers ask themselves, “Is it worth buying a used luxury vehicle?” 

Why should you choose this vehicle segment? Is it wise to purchase a second-hand luxury car despite having the option to buy a new one?

The following are some reasons it’s such a good idea.

More Car For Less Money for Used

A used car is a better value than a brand-new car because you get more vehicles for the same money. For example, one can find a good, clean 2010 Mercedes-Benz E350 at an affordable price.

You’d pay about this for a new, nicely equipped Toyota Camry. If you have driven an E Class Mercedes, you know it is a unique experience than driving a Toyota Camry. It is perhaps the most convincing of the best reasons to buy a used luxury car.

You’ll Experience Less Depreciation

You are likely to see less depreciation from the used luxury car than if you bought a new one. It is common for new cars to lose nearly half their value over four years. As evidenced by the prices of Mercedes-Benz’s best second-hand cars, this is typically the case.

After that, it won’t depreciate as much. Therefore, over the four years that you’ll own the less expensive vehicle, the depreciation would be significantly less than the four years if you were to own the brand new luxury car.

Certified Pre-Owned Programs

Used luxury cars are often available from authorized dealerships, such as CARS24, which provides a certified pre-owned option that comes with a generous warranty and has undergone a comprehensive inspection and reconditioning process to qualify for CPO status.

It allows you to buy second-hand cars without having to worry about issues. Therefore, so many people quickly realize that CARS24 has the best-used luxury cars.

Better quality

We know a premium car for its high-quality design, premium engine, and additional features. The advantages of high-value vehicles are many, from stylish interiors to powerful and smooth driving. When you buy a used car like this, you get the same level of luxury and comfort as when you purchase a new model car. 

The above were the most important reasons that drove people to burn a hole in their pockets to get their dream car. However, these mean machines can put luxury car owners in a tight spot because of their maintenance needs.

Luxury Used Cars

Reasons to Choose CARS24 to Buy Your Luxury Used Cars

If you’re one of those considering buying the best second-hand car, CARS24 has got you covered. Several used car sellers use CARS24 as a platform to buy them because:

  • They can buy luxury cars at CARS24 at the best price.
  • With CARS24, you need only visit one of their branches one time to inspect your used luxury car.
  • You’ll spend less and enjoy the same experience as a new one.
  • It takes care of the depreciation value of the vehicle. Since the first owner of a used car has already absorbed the depreciation amount, you will not see any depreciation when purchasing the car.

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