CARS24: Making Documentation Process Easy And Hassle-free

Selling a car could be a tedious and time-consuming task when you’re unaware of the right place to sell it. But, CARS24 helps sellers in completing all the paperwork by making the documentation transfer easy and effortless. A dedicated relationship manager is assigned to take care of all the paperwork, background checks, and verifications.

This saves the sellers from hassles they might face while selling the car on their own. Let’s check out the features and benefits of selling your car through CARS24.

  • Free online car valuation:  The CARS24 free used car valuation tool helps estimate the value of your second-hand car and protects you from being tricked by false car valuation.
  • Free Car Inspection at home: For a convenient selling experience, CARS24 offers a free car inspection at home. Sellers can book an appointment by logging into their website.
  • Get the best price: CARS24 offers the best price on your used car by considering the market forces and evaluating the condition of the car. Hence, there is no need for tedious negotiations.
  • Instant payment: CARS24 ensures instant transfer of money to your bank as soon as the sale is completed without requiring any follow-ups.
  • Free RC transfer: CARS24 takes care of the entire documentation process needed to get the RC transferred at no additional cost. Also, sellers are covered from any unforeseen situations under the CARS24 Seller Protection Policy until the RC transfer is complete.
CARS24 Making Documentation Process Easy

How is the CARS24 documentation process easy and hassle-free?

RC is an important document that consists of vital information about the vehicle like the model of the car, date of manufacture, chassis number, ownership details, etc. Also, it’s necessary to transfer it in the name of the buyer within a stipulated time to protect oneself from legal liability. So, visiting the RTO office on your own to complete the RC transfer process could result in various expenses.

Hence, CARS24 undertakes all the documentation involved by managing all the paperwork at zero additional costs. Its simplified and convenient platform is committed to delivering the best car buying and selling experience. This technology-driven online used car marketplace is the best solution to avoid all the hassles and sell your car in just an hour.

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