Tips to Make The Best Notes for IIT JEE Preparation

Making notes not only helps in summarising important concepts but also saves time while searching for a particular topic. Yes, at first – this may not seem important, but it will prove to be during the last few months when you’re looking for a particular topic and you will have to search through thousands of pages in the book.

Writing things down helps the brain retain all important concepts, and you can recall them at will.

Let me share some “note-taking” tips for you to follow while attending classes for IIT JEE Preparation:

The basics of making notes:

  • Use different colored pens: Our eyes are receptive to colors. So, highlighting important points can help in memorizing and learning concepts faster. You can also follow a color scheme, for example: while studying organic chemistry, you can use a green pen for carbon bonds and a blue pen for hydrogen. Likewise, formulas can be highlighted in yellow and definitions in red.
  • Always use different notebooks for each subject: Mixing the notes of all subjects in a single notebook can leave you in a mess while preparing for the final exams. Remember to organize the notes and make an index page, so that referring to a chapter or a topic becomes easier.

Selecting content for notes:

  • Never copy what’s already in your textbook: Ensure to go through all your textbooks and note down insights as well as explanations as provided by your professor. You can refer to BYJU’S JEE study material to get easy access to all the concepts from your textbook. This study material consists of questions and answers along with explanations.
  • Leave the last two pages for future learnings: As you progress deep into the subject, there will be more findings. Further, there are chances that you may find more information on online learning platforms like BYJU’S. So, leaving extra space for future learning is a good idea while making notes. Because bits and fragments of a single topic in 3 different notebooks can incapacitate you from finding the right notes at the right time, it is always best to have all the notes in a single notebook.
  • One page for the questions: Allocate one page for the questions, this makes studying and revising easy.
Best Notes for IIT JEE Preparation

We hope that these tips – help you in making the most effective notes. With BYJU’s, you can gain access to the best online study material and experienced faculty who can help you in excel in your examinations.

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