How BYJU’S Helped Rubik’s Cube Champion Shankar

BYJU’S has helped many extraordinary kids pursue their passion without missing out on their studies. This is one such story of a BYJU’S student SP Shankar, who is a powerhouse of talents.

Everybody knows how tough it is to solve a Rubik’s cube. But for Shankar, it is just a matter of 20-30 seconds. He even solves Megaminx and Pyraminx puzzles very easily. This 9-year-old genius holds two world records, the first is for ‘the most number of Pyraminxes solved upside down’, and the second is for ‘the most number of Pyraminxes solved while skating’.  He also holds the Limca World Record for solving 49 Rubik’s cubes in just 15 minutes.

How BYJU’S Helped the Young Genius in Homeschooling

Shankar switched to homeschooling during the pandemic, and since then BYJU’S has helped him study on his own.

Initially, when Shankar started homeschooling, it wasn’t an easy transition for him and his parents. Shankar’s parents decided to go for a BYJU’S tablet in order to help him study. The video lessons of BYJU’S helped him understand complex subjects like math and science in a simple way. He gained a liking towards the QA sessions at the end of each chapter, which helped him revise and retain concepts that he had studied.

Young Genius in Homeschooling

Shankar stated, “Throughout the time I was homeschooling, BYJU’S helped me to learn. What I like most about BYJU’S is that they make every concept easy to visualize and learn. The videos are full of animations and 3D visuals that help me understand each concept in depth.”

A Multitalented Boy

Other than cubing, Shankar also spends time coding. He even created a robot by himself. He is a great swimmer, and he is currently learning to play the violin from his father. With so many skills to master, Shankar has a very busy schedule with minimal time for studies, but BYJU’S helps him keep learning on-the-go.

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