Trends and Genres in Music

Music is something that resonates with each one of us; it influences how we think, see, and even feel.

We might all be music fanatics but how many of us can actually name the different genres and give an example for each of them?

Honestly, it’s going to be impossible for each generation to create a tone and music that’s distinct to itself. Who could have guessed what Trance or Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is a century ago?  Yet here we are passed on from soulful to psychedelics, Jazz to Hip Hop, and even the common Rock turning into Alternate Rock with each of these coming from different eras to convey unique stories.

Though music can be divided into many different genres, we’ll delve on some of the mainstream genres: Rock, Reggae, Country, EDM, Hip Hop and K-Pop.

Genres in Music

Sign of Horns, an instrumental signature that formed fellowships across the globe in the name of ‘Rock’ with all-time greats such as Rolling Stones and Kiss being the backbone of it. We can never really get tired of it, with its modification bringing in Alternate Rock (another genre to get hooked onto).

Reggae is a genre that emerged in the late 1960s in Jamaica with influences from American Jazz. This is a hallmark for the country with Reggae being a solid vital source of income. It practically unites the entire nation with the beat and the flow it takes. Bob Marley, a legend and a cultural symbol, and still a cult figure due to the endless harmony he can still bring in our hearts, and that’s Reggae for you!

Country Music is what we can hatch onto next that was popular in the early 1920s which, when listened to, gives us the old cowboy era vibe along with the feeling of raw nature. Johnny Cash and Bill Monroe are just two artists that got the world together; though they say it’s just country music.

Hip Hop is yet another genre that emerged in the US, but unlike other popular genres, Hip Hop started as a medium of communication to express frustration and sentiments about the inequality that the African-Americans faced. Music won again without a doubt. 2Pac and Eminem are just legends that walked the surface of Hip Hop with an entire plotline behind them.

Electronic Dance Music (EDM) is one of the latest genres with many sub-genres under it such as trance, dubstep, trap, etc. EDM came up in the late 80s when people started clubbing more and wanted a beat that they could dance to, thus this savior emerged and rave has started becoming normal.

K-Pop or Korean Pop is a form that originated in South Korea, bringing uniqueness to it already because of the culture. But unlike particular genres, K-Pop took inspiration from most of the other genres and produced music in itself which is followed and loved by millions across the globe.

Trends in Music

“Music is life itself.” – Louis Armstrong

It’s not about the genre that one likes but about the feeling that arises through different genres in each one of us and so if all of us, no matter the geography, can come together, then it’s only through this Magical Narnia type world named MUSIC.

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