Fashion – An era of evolution

Fashion- a word that signifies expression. It is an essence that is built in us. Fashion is best enjoyed when we wear what we want and what we love. It is like entertaining ourselves. We must always have fun with fashion.

“Life can sometimes be imperfect, but your outfit can never be imperfect”


People tend to get confused between style and fashion. However, there is a huge difference between them.

Style is a way of implementing fashion and it links to an individual, whereas fashion is a form inspired by a style of an individual. Style lives within a person. We can set a trend of fashion but not of style. Fashion is vital because it has the potential to bring different people together.

Evolution of Fashion

Evolution of Fashion

A sense of fashion was awakened in the early 1920’s when the first world war ended. People began to settle down in life. It was a time of happiness and the end of violence, women followed a new trend of wearing “flapper style” dresses with fringes, short hair, and bright makeup. Men had their own trend of suits and bowler hats.

Evolution of Fashion 1980

The trend continued for until the end of second world war, which was in the 1950’s. At this period women changed their dressing to highlight more of their figure, with a curly long hairstyle in place of the short hair style of the 1920’s. Men started to wear jeans, T -shirts with a jacket which were called the “greaser style”.

Bell Bottom Fashion

Years later, by the 1970s the world had experienced too many changes in every field. People were influenced by dramas and theatres. Basically, it was a colorful time. Then the bell-bottom pants, short skirts, and tie-dye with both men and women with long hair started.


The evolution of music began in 80’s and 90’s where a lot of punk rock, rap, and heavy music started to come up. The dressing style of the 80’s evolved into heavy jewellery, heavy makeup, with heavy dresses like gowns and bell bottoms. The 90’s had similar trends of the 80’s but with longer hair styles and natural looking makeup. The 1990’s fashion is called the minimalist fashion.

fashion trend

In the digital era where information travels faster, we have a variety of options to choose from. People no longer stick to one trend of fashion. The fashion trend and views keep updating as something unique and interesting is always available. Even the 90’s trend is making a comeback.

A well-dressed person will always be a symbol of great attitude and perfection. Our clothing speaks of our class and the way we carry our fashion speaks of our style.

You create a fashion and wear it with love, that itself is enough to make you feel great!!

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