Wedding fashion – A Blend of Indian Cultural Makeover in 2021

A wedding is the biggest celebration! Every designer (India) feels blessed when he has to dress up the bride for this big occasion.

For many years, bridal fashion has been the big cash cow for designers. Due to lockdown, all the plans and ideas were put on hold. Now as the door opens slowly, the wedding industry with the whole idea of a big wedding is set to rethink new designs.

This is what top Indian couturiers had to say regarding the wedding plan this year:

  • Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla gave a statement stating that they are busy imagining, ideating, and sketching new collections as this year providently things are going to change.
  • Ritu Kumar says she believes in classic dressing, wherein she is not sure of now how the wedding bell goes on but is sure that the wedding dress this time will be more classy.
  • Jani Khosla has the idea of getting back the handcrafted culture this time.
wedding plan

Chances are more that people will return to the 90’s when simpler, classy, and more value for money fashion was in vogue. All our mom’s old sarees get a reappearance; small embroidery, conservative colors, and simple looks.

We all are moving into the digital world, where fashion too has to be ready for a digital makeover. Nowadays, we look into design sensibility that makes for a well-photographed wedding. It’s just not wearing Indian wear but also customizing things suitable for us and our weather.

Appetite for beauty and fashion will return

Abu Jani

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