Fashion Tips for Dressing up your Baby

Parenting can sometimes feel exhausting, especially if you are a busy mom. The everyday routine of a working mother is a rollercoaster ride. In midst of such a busy schedule, dressing a baby fashionably may not be your topmost concern. But that cannot be used as an excuse because clothing your child appropriately is important. Being a mom is not about having time, it is all about making time.

Here are 5 quick fashion tips and tricks to make your baby’s day out more fashionable.

quick fashion tips

Keep it comfy

Keeping your baby dressed comfortably is what matters the most. Never dress your child in heavy or irritating clothes. Choose clothing that are cosy like pajamas, lounge pants, cotton tees, and baby suits. The most preferable fabrics are cotton, silk, and chiffons as they are light and breathable.

Keep it colourful

A popular trend now is to mix and match colours. This style of clothing is called the colour co‑ord set (short for colour coordination). Such clothes epitomise a fresh look on your little bundle of joy. Make sure you don’t compromise on the quality as poor-quality clothes tend to fade quickly and they are less comfortable.

Mix it up with cute slogans

Denims for all seasons
Who can say no to denims? Its signature style and looks great in all seasons. The options are plenty like jeans, jackets, shirts, shorts, and dungarees to name a few. Denims look great on your munchkin any day and it is easy to shop.

Fashion Denims for all seasons

Mix it up with cute slogans
Having a catchy slogan or text on their clothes can make kids look extra cute. It can be customized for something trending like a cartoon character.

Fashion Keep it simple

When I was a kid, my mom dressed me in a very simple yet elegant way. For those who wonder how to pull out a simple look, choose something that is low-key but gives that extra pep to your child’s persona.

This one is for all you busy moms out there. Try these tips out and make your child look like a fashionista!!!

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