Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn Program for Kindergarten

‘Please concentrate!’ ‘Focus!’ ‘3 more pages and then you can go play”. This is literally every parent’s plea to get their kids to study. Well, this is not only because of their shorter attention span but also due to their need of doing interesting things whilst having fun. According to Jill Uhlenberg – Ph.D., Professor of Early Childhood Education at the University of Northern Iowa, in Cedar Falls, “ Kids are quicker to recall activities they enjoy”.

Now you must be wondering what you can do to motivate your child to study? continue reading to find out:

BYJU’S, India’s largest EdTech platform has introduced Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn through its collaboration with Disney India. BYJU’S is known for its constant efforts towards making learning accessible for everyone. With Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn for Kindergarten, the company aims at making learning more fun and interactive, so that kids can learn fundamental concepts more effectively.

About BYJU’S Early Learn Program for Kindergarten

The program is designed for young children between the age of 4 to 8. It consists of various personalized learning modules that are interesting, interactive and engaging for kids. It integrates concepts into some of the most popular stories from the Disney universe like Moana, Cars, Disney Princesses, Frozen, Toy Story and more.

The app ensures that the learning program for kids is crafted in alignment with their interests. It also helps parents to keep track of their child’s performance through the app.

Features of BYJU’S Early Learn Program

Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn for Kindergarten provides an immersive experience for students, which allows them to learn by doing stuff. This in turn improves their motor skills and keeps their interest piqued. Here’s how your child benefits from being enrolled in this program:

Customized Learning: The program optimizes the learning process by customizing every child’s learning journey based on their individual interests, capabilities and aptitudes. This app provides personalized programs with the help of a powerful recommendation engine that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence and customizes the content and modules in line with the learning patterns of kids.

Interactive Learning: This program enables kids to learn fundamental concepts and build a strong

foundation of basic concepts in maths and science in a fun way. It allows them to play and interact with Disney Characters, which helps them to retain information more effectively

Comprehensive Learning: This app features thousands of animated videos, quizzes, stories and games related to English, Math and Science subjects. Kindergarteners find it easier to learn the concepts with the help of Disney’s songs and rhymes.


Owing to the features mentioned above, it is safe to say that Disney.BYJU’S Early Learn for Kindergarten is a good learning platform for kids studying in Class 1-3. So, why wait?

The free version of BYJU’S application is available for download on Google Play Store for Android, and the App Store for iOS devices. The premium version of this app provides advanced features that help kids learn new concepts with ease. To know more about the program fees and other course details, visit BYJU’S.


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