BYJU’S IAS Course Details

The Civil Services IAS Exam, also known as the “Mother of all Exams” is one of the toughest competitive examinations out there. According to the 2020 UPSC examination results, out of 10,40,060 candidates that applied, 4,82,770 appeared for the exam and only 761 candidates successfully got through the personality test interview round. The IAS examination requires an extensive study on subjects like geography, economics, aptitude, history, polity, technology, current affairs and subjects that you choose as electives and optionals.

Cracking the examination might seem tough given the extremely vast syllabus and fierce competition but with diligence, consistent and strategic preparation,  proper guidance and coaching – it is possible to qualify for all stages of the CSE exam.

BYJU’S being India’s #1 EdTech platform understands these requirements and provides candidates with the resources required to ace the examination. The BYJU’S IAS course is a well-planned route map that helps students in understanding their strengths and weaknesses, attain clarity on topics that need to be covered and learn the right approach to tackle the exam.

Features of BYJU’S IAS course

Trained Faculty: Students get to learn from some of the best IAS trainers through their live online classes. They can either opt for the weekend or weekday slots as per their convenience.

Preloaded Tab: The tab with the pre-loaded content not only enables students to learn at their own pace but can be also used for revisions. The tab covers the entire syllabus with over 500+ hours of video lectures.

Current Affairs Coverage: Through the student portal, candidates can access monthly magazines that cover current affairs and recorded webinar sessions.

Practice Tests: Detailed discussions, micro-level analysis and all-India rankings after each test help students gauge their preparation level.


BYJU’S IAS Program Details

BYJU’S IAS program is a holistic mix of static and dynamic course content that consists of all-India test series, best books for UPSC and current affairs webinars. It includes extensive interview guidance from a highly experienced panel, training for the personality test (interview) and mock interviews conducted with the help of retired/serving bureaucrats.

Cost of BYJU’S IAS Program

BYJU’S IAS program includes online classes for IAS, one-on-one mentoring, all India test series, tablet, SD card, comprehensive study material, daily current affairs updates. Students can either opt for the Samsung tab or the Lenovo tab. The tablets have a 10-inch display and are priced at Rs 1,11,000 and Rs 1,08,000 respectively.

BYJU’S, the world’s largest ed-tech company, has taken the best of traditional IAS coaching and combined it with the latest innovations in the education sector. To take the right step that will help you fulfill your dream of becoming an IAS officer, visit BYJU’S today!


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