BYJU’S Scholarship Guarantees the Best Future for Your Kid – Here’s Why!

Today, a variety of scholarships are available for bright kids in India and all across the globe. BYJU’S being one of them is offering BYJU’S Scholarship for kids between classes 4-10 and the BNAT exam is conducted to find kids who are eligible for it.

BYJU’S is India’s #1 Edtech platform and has been for the last 10 years. It offers new methods of learning to its 100 million+ subscribers through its dedicated apps and courses. This includes young students, as well as IIT-JEE and NEET candidates. The scholarship will help even more students benefit from their course.

What is the BYJU’S Scholarship all about?

BYJU’S offers up to100% scholarships for students based on their BNAT scores. So, what’s BNAT you ask?; The BYJU’S National Aptitude Test (BNAT) is a pan-India test conducted by BYJU’S to identify the performance of those kids who have enrolled on the BYJU’S scholarship program. It also helps kids learn about newer learning methods and teaches them skills to solve problems based on numerical reasoning, logical reasoning, and verbal reasoning.

BNAT Scholarship Options

BNAT has now become India’s largest aptitude test for scholarship – and it’s free. Upon taking BNAT, students are given a learning skills report, subject-wise analysis on a scorecard, and even personalized counselling after the test. After registering on their website, you can find the syllabus details on any class that your kid is in.

BNAT for IAS: BYJU’S has been offering specialized courses for IAS for a few years now. Scoring well ensures that your kid gets a chance of availing up to 100% of BYJU’S scholarship. It also offers personalized result counselling after the BNAT test, and expert teachers guide students to choose the right subjects for IAS.

For 10th Grade Toppers: BYJU’S has created a program for high school students as well. It can be used to get a waiver on the fees of the premium subscription of BYJU’s The Learning App. Kids can opt for either the JEE or NEET courses on the app. The good part is that there are different scholarships for all based on their scores and ability.


Benefits of BYJU’S Scholarship Program

The BNAT exam has been designed to help analyze kids’ performances and mentor them individually. There are many benefits for performing well in it which are as follows:

  • Assess their performance against other students of similar level from all over India
  • Understanding weak areas and subjects to work on for future competitive exams
  • Score sheets that show the subject-wise performance of students, percentile, and pointers for improvement
  • The BYJU’S scholarships for their premium courses like IAS, NEET, etc. on their app


Online learning has never been easier before and who doesn’t want a 100% scholarship? BNAT offers kids a chance like never before. All exams, courses, and scholarships offered are one of a kind. You can find more information about the upcoming BNAT exams on BYJU’S website


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