How to Prepare For NEET- BYJU’S NEET 2022 Courses

Every year, lakhs of medical aspirants pan India appear for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET) to avail seats in some of the biggest Medical Institutions across the nation. These tests consist of a set of 180 objective questions on physics, chemistry & maths (PCM) subjects based on NCERT higher secondary syllabus.

How Should I Prepare For NEET 2022 Exams?

While the NEET exams are almost here, the pressure for clearing the tests are very evident on the candidates every year. But, not to worry because we have some expert tips from BYJU’S; that can help you study and prepare on your own for NEET:


Cover the Syllabus Wholeheartedly: First things first – always ensure that your fuel tank is full before participating in the race. Likewise, your first priority while preparing for NEET should be to acquaint yourself with the syllabus. Focus more on PCM subjects because this will give you a competitive edge. You can even take the help of competitive exam books to practice solving some complex questionnaires.

Evaluate Your Progress Continuously: Practice makes perfect. So, to understand your progress, you should continuously be taking tests. The BYJU’S NEET 2022 course allows candidates to take up the all-India test series to help analyze their performance levels. It also offers some of the best supplemental study guides for students to prepare. You can even go through previous NEET question papers and MCQs to brush up on your knowledge.

Make a Study Plan and Create Strategies: Self-study can be a hassle; especially when you don’t have enough strategies to cover your syllabus. This is why, while preparing for NEET exams, you must prepare and stick to a strategy/schedule for the best results – literally. So, why not begin by setting short-term milestones related to your syllabus with the help of BYJU’S NEET courses? Because doing this will effectively keep you one step ahead of your peers and maximize your chance of success.

Strengthen Your Weak Areas: Not all of us are “Sharma Ji ka beta” (A popular phrase used to describe overachieving kids). Most of us have academic areas that we’re not so confident about. So, the best way to handle your weaknesses is to focus on them, individually. If you’re struggling with any subject, spare some time to consult your coach and understand the concepts better.

BYJU’S NEET 2022 Courses – Are they good for you?

BYJU’S is India’s #1 EdTech platform offering exam-prep courses for students of all age groups, be it central or state boards. Lakhs of IIT- JEE/NEET candidates trust BYJU’S NEET courses for their pre-test preparations. This platform offers benefits such as a 1:1 teacher advantage, pan-India NEET mock test series, and unlimited revisions among other things to enhance your preparations.

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