BYJU’S NEET Course or Vedantu – Which Is Better For You?

With the 2021 competitive exams approaching, the search for an online crash course that can help students prepare for the exams is on the rise. And a common dilemma amongst the candidates is — BYJU’S or Vedantu — which NEET course is better?

Thousands of medical aspirants from all over India appear for these exams every year to qualify for MBBS/BDS programs in some of the reputed institutions. And the competition is such that it requires full‑fledged preparation and the best guidance one can get. So, for those of you who are feeling confused, here’s an in-depth analysis of BYJU’S and Vedantu crash course for NEET:

BYJU’s vs. Vedantu

Let’s break down and analyze; what each of them has to offer based on the most frequently asked questions on the web:

1. How Do I Learn And Attend My Classes?

With BYJU’s, you get access to easy and streamlined learning. You can opt for an online or an offline class based on your requirements. BYJU’S NEET course is equipped with a preloaded tablet and an official app subscription which allows you to stream your live classes and go through hours of study material and coaching videos. This can be accessed offline as well.

In contrast, Vedantu offers the NEET crash course online only. However, students can go through the live class recordings at their convenience.

2. What Features Are in The NEET Crash Course Package?

BYJU’s NEET crash course consists of 100+ online classes with a minimum of 6 classes per week. In addition, you also get a two-teacher advantage, where one teacher teaches the concepts and the other one solves doubts, pays individual attention, and makes the session interactive and engaging. On the other hand, Vedantu offers 120 live problem-solving sessions with 9 to 15 classes per week.

NEET crash courses

3. How Does the NEET Course Prep The Students?

With BYJU’s, you can participate in a series of PAN INDIA Mock NEET tests that help you prepare for the actual exam. You can also access the BYJU’S study material and previous year’s question papers for a better understanding. However, Vedantu only offers 20 practice tests to prepare for NEET, along with doubt‑clearing sessions (during and after classes).


Speaking of standard learning features, both BYJU’s and Vedantu courses offer an all-inclusive deal at a competitive price point. However, BYJU’S gets the upper hand with it ease of learning and the add-on features it has to offer. Click here to learn more about BYJU’s NEET crash courses.

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