BYJU’S Robotics Course: Prepare Your Child for The Future

The future of mankind is inclusive of a self-aware bot that is capable of functioning with little or no human intervention. While the robotics field is still in its infancy, it’s imperative to introduce your child to this new world; especially if they want to pursue a career in robotics or are a big fan of transformers, robot wars, and cyborgs.

Let’s check out some benefits and opportunities that your kids will be exposed to with a robotics degree:

Why should you enroll your child in a robotics Course?

Well, AI and robotics are taking over the world, one breakthrough at a time. Have you heard of Sophia, the world’s first humanoid robot by Hanson Robotics? Not only is she given Saudi Arabian citizenship, but she’s also capable of mimicking social behavior and inducing feelings of love in humans. At times, she’s even been interviewed by various hosts. While some of her replies have been non-sensical, there are times where she has stunned the interviewers with her replies.

Robotics is a combination of computer science, electrical and mechanical engineering. You can use robotics and AI almost anywhere i.e., entertainment field, medical sectors, logistics, production, etc. Several organizations around the world like Xbox, NVIDIA, NASA, and ISRO are progressively hiring employees with a robotics background. Even with innovations as advanced as Sophia, we’re only at the brink of the future. Hence, there is a tremendous amount of scope for individuals with a robotics degree.

BYJU’S Robotics Course

The Benefits of Learning Robotics for Kids

BYJU’S recommends their robotics program for kids because learning to make robots at an early age helps shape a kid’s brain in a certain way. So, let’s check out some perks of BYJU’S robotics course:

  • Creative Thinking Skills: Creativity is necessary to imagine and build things, whether it’s a LEGO bot or an actual one. A Robotics course can help your child think differently and enable them to take a creative approach in doing things. With the help of imagination and robotics knowledge, your kids will be able to breathe life into some out-of-the-box ideas.
  • Become A Team Player: BYJU’s Robotics program allows your child to learn from qualified professionals and to work in teams while building new projects. Once they get accustomed to working on complex models in groups, they automatically become better team players with improved interpersonal skills.
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Building robots isn’t an easy task because there are so many problems that need to be scrutinized to make the entire program function without a glitch. People in this field are often exposed to new and unprecedented challenges. Hence, combatting these problems makes them become excellent problem-solvers.


BYJU’s robotics program caters to kids between 8 to 12 years of age. The course includes comprehensive online classes, study materials, and learning videos that will help your child learn about robots with ease. Click here to learn more about BYJU’s.


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