BYJU’S Class 10 Toppers from across India

BYJU’S has helped many students perform exceptionally well in their exams. But before you know how BYJU’S helps students, there is something you should know about topping an exam.

Every student would like to be a topper, even though most students don’t put in enough efforts. But topping any exam is not that difficult, everyone can be a topper with constant practice and proper guidance.

In this article, we will introduce you to 5 incredible students of Grade 10 from across India, who have managed to top the board exams at different state boards with the help of BYJU’S- The Learning App.

Class 10 Toppers from Across India

Aditi Nannore: Aditi is a student of Marathwada High School, Parbhani Maharashtra. She scored a perfect 500/500 (100%) in her 10th board exams. She credits her mother for her success. Aditi says she followed a strict timetable charted by herself. And when the exams were near, she revised from question banks and solved as many previous year question papers as possible.

“BYJU’S – The Learning App, served as a major help in clearing my basic concepts and solving my doubts on the spot”

Aditi Nannore

Hrishikesh Tiwari: Hrishikesh topped his school in the 10th board exams of CBSE, Uttarakhand, and scored 99.4%. He was inspired by Srinivasa Ramanujan. Hrishikesh suggests that students should make notes for each topic, read the textbook line by line, and revise the entire syllabus at least twice before the exam. Finally, he says you have to take enough rest and keep yourself away from stress.

“While Sir Ramanujan encouraged me to fall in love with math, the BYJU’S App helped me become a better learner. The interesting video graphics and practical examples in the app helped me clear my basic concepts in math and science.”

Hrishikesh Tiwari
BYJUS 10th Toppers

Sakshi Mothsra: Sakshi is from Dewas, Haryana. She was able to score 98.6% in the CBSE, class 10 board exams of Haryana. According to Sakshi, she followed a well-planned schedule. She woke up at 03:30 am every day to study, played badminton with family and studied some more before going to school. Sakshi says she dedicated 4-5 hours to studies after school.

“My mother works at a government health department, she was always posted on the field, mostly in places where I had no access to tuitions. This is where BYJU’S helped me a lot. I studied from school notes first and then revised with BYJU’S.”

Sakshi Mothsra

Bhagesh Mulgalgaon: Bhagesh is a bright student from Kalaburgi, Karnataka. His main inspiration were his parents. Bhagesh says, “I went to school regularly and did not miss any tests/exams. It helped me know where I needed to focus. I studied 5 hours every day after school and two hours before school.” Bhagesh scored 99.2% in Class 10 of the Karnataka state board.

“I love all the teachers at BYJU’S! The study videos are amazing and helped me in visualizing concepts. BYJU’S test series was the best. I practiced different kinds of questions to prepare better.”

Bhagesh Mulgalgaon

Varun Rajan: Varun is a grade 10 ICSE student from Puducherry. He is a math enthusiast and loves physics. Varun says there are 5 things that helped him top his exams; clearing doubts, starting early, pursuing hobbies, taking adequate breaks, and revising without fail. Varun scored 95% in the ICSE boards examination.

“There’s a certain amount of pressure we students face as exams come close. But I was able to rise above this pressure with the help of my BYJU’S Mentor. He (my mentor) regularly checked up on my studies and gave me the support I needed not to get stressed.”

Varun Rajan

To sum up the suggestions given by all Class 10 toppers:

  1. Start early and avoid last moment preparation.
  2. Chart out a schedule and stick to it.
  3. Ask as many questions as possible and get the doubts cleared.
  4. Prioritize studies.
  5. Always stay motivated and make room for hobbies as well.

There is one more thing these toppers had in common. They all had additional help from BYJU’S.

Why did these toppers choose BYJU’S?

BYJU’S makes use of technology to combine best of practices like personalized learning, quizzes, video lessons, and gamified learning content with best teachers. BYJU’S lessons allows students to be holistically involved in their studies and addresses every child’s learning needs.

BYJU’S also has a reward program for students who score more than 90% in Class 10 board exam. Click here for more details.

All the best!!

Do you have a strategy of your own? We would love to hear it. Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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