BYJU’S Students Top in JEE Advanced 2020

BYJU’S comprehensive JEE preparation course has successfully guided 135 (and more) students to top the JEE Advanced 2020 examination. Eight students of BYJU’S were able to secure top 100 ranks and 127 students of BYJU’S were able secure top 1000 ranks.

Shikhar Mundra, Prashant Arora, Annam Saivaradhan, Kunal Kundwani, Rishi Jain are some of the students who cleared JEE Advanced 2020 with flying colors. All these toppers were a part of BYJU’S 2‑year online JEE course.

Here is what the JEE Toppers had to say:

Shikhar Mundra | AIR 20 – JEE Advanced 2020

Shikhar Mundra, from Ajmer, secured 20thrank in JEE Advanced 2020. Shikhar started his preparation for JEE right after his 10th. He used to spend 5 to 6 hours of study to cover his syllabus and revise them.  Sharing how BYJU’S classes helped him, Shikhar said,

 “The BYJU’S App was the first place I would go to, whenever I had any doubts in any concept. It was an integral part of my JEE preparation. The daily practice problems helped me revise and strengthen my concepts along with increasing my speed and accuracy.”

He mentioned that it became easy for him to grasp the concepts with the help of visualization. Click here for the full interview.

Prashant Arora | AIR 54 – JEE Advanced 2020

Ranked 54 among the top 100, Prashant Arora was fully determined in concept learning and time management. Prashant mentions, it is very crucial to give equal importance to Physics, Chemistry, and Math; and this strategy helped Prashant ace JEE. BYJU’S JEE classes made him understand concepts easily and with daily practice sessions, revision became a habit. Prashant said,

Real-time practice tests are the most important thing to follow as it gives an idea of time management in the exam.”

Click here for the full interview.

Students Top in JEE Advanced

Annam Saivaradhan | AIR 93 – JEE Advanced 2020

With an aim to get into an IIT, Annam started his JEE preparation early since8th grade. Annam always believed in a disciplined schedule and followed that throughout his preparation. He analyzed how much time is required for one question and advised the same to the aspirants.

“It is important to know how to attempt the paper, and not about solving all the answers.”

During the lockdown, BYJU’S became a daily routine for Annam. He thanked the learning platform for helping him with his JEE preparation. The practice mock tests were helpful to provide a similar environment to that of a real exam. Click here for the full interview.

Kunal Kundwani | AIR 63 – JEE Advanced 2020

Kunal Kundwani followed a different approach in his preparation for JEE. With a flexible schedule, Kunal paid more attention to the weaker topics. Likewise, it is important to remain calm and Kunal worked on his temper issues along with his studies. Talking about BYJU’S impact on his preparation, Kunal said that the interactive videos helped him improve in Chemistry. With BYJU’S, he was able to learn concepts differently. Practicing the mock tests along with the proper analysis also helped him identify his weak and strong areas.

Click here for the full interview.

Rishi Jain | AIR 98 – JEE Advanced 2020

For Rishi Jain, a planned routine was the basis for his preparation. He stated his preparation in a quote, “the more you practice, the more you become good at it.” BYJU’S was the guide for Rishi. He thanked the learning platform and said,

“BYJU’S has helped me a lot, as it focuses on improving and strengthening concepts. The practice tests and All India Test Series helped me identify my place at a national level.”

Click here for the full interview.

JEE is known to be one of the toughest entrance tests, as the vast syllabus and topics are really hard to acquire in a short period. Every year, lakhs of candidates appear for JEE Mains from which only thousands of candidates qualify for the JEE Advanced.

BYJU’S JEE course is a library of vast learning resources, coupled with the best teachers across India, BYJU’S has become the success mantra of many students today.

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