Aakash BYJU’S Review: The Best Online Learning Platform

When searching for the best online coaching classes for your children, you might have come across the name Aakash BYJU’S several times. While it’s a popular name in the market; you might still be unsure of enrolling your child there. Hence, here’s a detailed review of Aakash BYJU’S coaching classes to help you make the right decision.

About Aakash BYJU’S

Aakash Institute is a leading educational Institution in India known for offering comprehensive, result-oriented JEE and NEET preparation programs. Since 1988, the Institute has been guiding students towards success by helping them prepare for medical and engineering entrance examinations through its 200+ physical coaching centers across 130 cities.

As a strategic merger, the Indian EdTech giant – BYJU’S acquired Aakash in 2021 for boosting online education across the country. The combination of BYJU’S content and tech capabilities with Aakash’s test-prep expertise has transformed the students’ learning experience to a new level.

This Aakash BYJU’S Review provides an insight on how you can rely on their courses. But before that, let us know about the courses offered.


Aakash Institute offers medical and engineering test prep courses for students belonging to classes 10, 11, and 12; whereas students belonging to classes 8, 9, and 10 can enroll in foundation courses to prepare for competitive exams like Kishore Vaigyanik Protsahan Yojana (KVPY), Olympiad, and National Standard Examinations (NSEP/ NSEC/ NSEB/ NSEA). These courses are available as regular programs, distance learning programs, and digital learning programs.

Aakash BYJU'S Review

Why Should Students Choose Aakash BYJU’S?

  • Result-oriented test preparation: The comprehensive study material curated by subject-matter experts, engaging video lessons, and test series are all aimed at helping students stay ahead in terms of preparation.
  • Personalized learning: Aakash BYJU’S creates personalized learning journeys for students based on their proficiency levels and capability; this allows them to learn at their own pace and style.
  • Teaching by expert faculty: Aakash BYJU’S employs highly qualified teachers for all its subjects, with the aim of providing its students with a strong conceptual understanding of subjects.
  • Exceptional record of results in competitive exams: Aakash BYJU’S has guided lakhs of aspirants in competitive exams like JEE and NEET preparations and holds a good track record of results.
  • Learning through high-quality videos: Students from remote locations can get access to high‑quality content on tablets, desktop, and mobile in the form of live classes. The visually rich content in videos helps enable conceptual clarity and long-term retention.

With the above Aakash BYJU’S review, it is evident that this learning platform is a boon for students who wish to successfully crack their competitive examinations and get admission to their dream colleges. For more information, visit Aakash BYJU’S.

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